Dream Kardashian's Christmas Video Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit — VIDEO

As the month of December creeps closer, many-a-thing will induce holiday preparedness. Advent calendars. In-house, decorated shrubbery. Hanging lights. Large socks over the fireplace. Speaking of the latter, if anyone is in need of some material to cover their feet, think about purchasing a pair from Rob Kardashian's line, Arthur George. Why? So you can lie on the floor and and wriggle around to a classic Christmas song. At least that's what Dream Kardashian is doing in her latest video on Instagram — a video so full of joy and candy canes and Santa Claus-inspired bassinets, it will surely be the latest and greatest thing to put you in the holiday spirit. (Warning: It will also make you say "awwww." Very audibly.)

Dream (or her ghost writer) captioned the video, "I love my new @ArthurGeorge87 socks from daddy!!! @robkardashian [Santa emoji] [baby emoji]." Oh what's that? You haven't heard? Yes, it's true, Dream has her own Instagram account. Now, circling back around to the Christmas video. Please enjoy this small clip of the baby girl in a fluffy headband and Arthur George "Santa Baby" socks, as she rests atop a floor cluttered in ornaments. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (everywhere you go in Chyna & Kardashian's household).

The video was also posted to her father's account, and grandmother Kris Jenner's Instagram. The latter of which dubbed Dream a "precious angel." Considering her headband and general demeanor, that moniker feels accurate. The littlest Kardashian was welcomed into the family on Nov. 10 and has been adorable ever since. Following the birth, it was revealed that a Rob & Chyna Baby Special will premiere on Dec. 18, so you'll be able to witness even more of that cuteness first hand. In the meantime, though, may I suggest following her social accounts?

Now, the question remains: Does Dream — as her dad noted — really love her Santa Baby socks or is she just being supportive? Dream's only about 2-weeks old but she's already shaping up to be a Kardashian trendsetter, so expect those Santa socks to sell out faster than Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits. (But seriously, where can I buy them? And will they fit a regular-sized adult person's feet? Asking for a friend.)