Why HP Is Still The Perfect Gift To Give

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It's beginning to look a lot like that time of year when you panic and realise you've forgotten to buy Christmas presents for anyone in your family. As the days of December peel away, your searching becomes more and more frantic. Surely you can't just buy everyone Harry Potter again? Wrong: you totally can. It's still the perfect gift.

Your options for Harry Potter gifts are wide open. There are so many beautiful editions of each book out there, that even your Potterhead friend is bound to have a gap in her collection. If they've already got the books, buy 'em the movies. Or you might buy your loved one an experience: how about tickets to one of the Harry Potter worlds? Or a midnight screening of the films? There are Harry Potter games, Harry Potter t-shirts, Harry Potter accessories; no matter how much Harry Potter merch your friend or relative has already collected, there is always something new out there.

And if you stumble across one of those rare fantastic beasts who has never yet read the books — well, problem solved. Giving the gift of Harry Potter this Christmas is the kindest thing you'll do all year. And here's why.

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1. It's The Perfect Time For A New Fan To Start

Ever since the series wrapped to a close with the release of the final film in 2011, some not-yet fans felt that they missed the boat — and had given up on ever stepping into the wizarding world at all. But now, the world is opening right back up again. There's a whole new movie franchise on the way; there's a hit play; there are published scripts and screenplays that you can read without splashing out on a pricey theater ticket. If you've still got that one friend who thought it was all ancient history now, this is the perfect time to welcome them to Hogwarts with open arms.

2. Harry Potter Offers Comfort In Hard Times

2016 has been a shocker of a year — but through all the hard times, Harry Potter has offered a source of comfort to fans who are feeling lost and scared right now. Unwrapping Harry Potter from under the Christmas tree may well give your loved ones a glimmer of hope this year.

3. The Series Is Timeless

Even though we first met Harry almost 20 years ago, the Harry Potter series never seems too old or dated to give as a fresh gift. Fans have worked out the true timeline of the books, placing Harry's years at Hogwarts in the 90s, it could just as easily be taking place today. Unlike many popular 90s movies — which are scattered with brick-sized cellphones, pagers, and VHS tapes — nothing in Harry Potter particularly ties it to the decade. Um, probably because it takes place in a magical school for witchcraft and wizardry — and teen witches and wizards don't need Walkmans when they have wands.

4. It Will Make You Feel Christmassy

Is there anything cosier than Christmas at Hogwarts? No matter how many times your friends and loved ones have read the books, they'll still be thanking you when they're curled up in an armchair on Christmas Day, getting lost in the magical snowy world of Harry Potter.

5. You're Giving So Much More Than A Book

When you give someone the gift of Harry Potter, you're not just giving them a book (or a film, or a poster, or whatever piece of Harry Potter merchandise you've found in the depths of the Internet); you're giving them a whole world. You're giving them a hug from Hagrid. You're giving them Butterbeer and chocolate frogs. You're giving them Quidditch and the Quibbler; you're giving them galleons and goblins; and you're giving them the three very best friends to ever knock out a twelve-foot mountain troll together. It doesn't matter if it's their very first time, or if they've read it all before; Hogwarts will always be there to welcome them home.

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