How Much Is Too Faced's Unicorn Tears La Creme Lipstick?

Social media has dusted off last year's Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears lipstick and proclaimed it a must-have for holiday glam and sparkle this season. No complaints here! As a stand-alone lip cream, it's sheer and shimmery and frosty with a bit of a cool-toned color shift. It's sometimes white, sometimes pink, sometimes blue, and sometimes purple. It's always magic, though. Since this isn't a new release, you woudn't expect the demand to reach danger-of-selling-out levels, but you'd be wrong. If social media is any indicator, all these Too Faced Unicorn Tears lip creams are going to get snatched up before you finish untangling your holiday lights.

Why do people love this Too Faced Unicorn Tears lip cream so much? Well, for one, it's called "Unicorn Tears." I mean, come on. For another, it's one of those rare gems that can be worn alone, or used to completely transform the look of pretty much all of your existing lipsticks. That's like getting an entire new lipstick collection for the price of... drumroll please... $22. Well, it's $22 from Too Faced itself, but prices do very a little from shop to shop, especially when you factor in shipping. Still, that's a small price to pay for something made from the tears off a mythical creature. You know I"m right.

Here's a brief snapshot of the social media mania surrounding this gem of a lippy:

Mate lovers are in on the game.

Aesthetic lovers chimed in because the Too Faced unicorn aesthtic game is strong af.

There was plenty of sympathy for the unicorns who sacrificed. I like to assume they were happy tears, though.

In case you didn't know, it makes a magical highlighter.

And there's basically just a ton of people who can't possibly go on living without this lipstick. And we're just talking about Twitter. We haven't even scratched the surface of all the #unicorntears Instagram love.

Convinced? Who am I kidding. You didn't need convicing. Let's just get right to it. Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

1. Too Faced Official

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22,

Straight retail at $22 from the official Too Faced unicorn farm itself.

1. Ulta

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22, Ulta .com

Ulta is keeping true to the Too Faced Price at $22 as well.

3. Amazon

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $45,

Amazon has lost its damn mind with its $45 pricetag but honestly, there is only on on the website, so supply and demand, I guess?

4. Home Shopping Network

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22, h

It's $22 at HSN too, but here's the magic: You can get it for 4 monthly payments of $5.50 if your conscience (or your wallet) won't let you spend $22+ for a lipstick.

If you want it, you're as little as $5.50 away from having this $22 wonder shimmer. The name alone makes it worth the price, in my opinion, but I'm a bit #unicornobsessed.

Images: Courtesy Brand