9 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick To Create Totally Different Looks — PHOTOS

I'll start this article with this a disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist. I am, however, a red lipstick enthusiast, which means I can tell you each and every way different shades of red lipstick are different to each other. And while that's all well and good, wearing different types of red lippy with only one makeup look isn't going to promote the true diverse beauty of rouging your lips.

In order to prove my point on the versatility of red lipstick, I set out to serve a series of different looks all featuring different kinds of red lips. It was surprisingly easy, considering I love playing with makeup and I wear red lipstick on the daily.

To be sure this list was extra diverse, I also reached out to friends who have makeup skills a million times better than my own. Not only are their looks killer but they're totally different too — which is what this whole list is about. There's simply no look that a red lip doesn't compliment, from the more subdued to the totally wild.

1. A Statement Lip

You can enhance a casual makeup look with a bold red lip, because there's no reason you have to keep red lipstick for special occasion.

2. Red Lips And Nothing Else

Not feeling as gorg as you want to but also don't feel like spending a lot of time on your makeup? Solve this problem by applying a quick red lip on your bare face before running to the store. As my mom advises, all you need for a strong look is red lipstick and oversized sunglasses.

3. Full Glamour

A whole load of gold eye shadow, perfect winged eyeliner (not that I'm bragging) and a red lip are the ultimate combination if you're heading anywhere worth getting dressed up for. This is a classic look for reason, and that reason is because it looks damn good. The addition of a kitschy fake beauty mark is entirely up to you.

4. Glossy Lids And Lips

Writer and almost makeup artist Alex Ogden proves that matte lips aren't everything, let alone matte eye shadow. Since Kylie Jenner brought back lip gloss in 2016, it's likely glossy lids are going to be a big part of 2017.

5. Contrasting Blue Eye Shadow

Fulfill that '80s fantasy by daring to wear bright colors on your lids as well as your lips. This red lip, blue lid combo isn't as daring as you may think - ditch the nudes and opt for bright eye shadow colors to rock with your red lipstick.

6. Monochrome Makeup

Or if rust toned lips are more your deal than bright reds, bring the look to your whole face by rocking a similar eye shadow shade. This type of monotone makeup look makes worrying about matching a thing of the past.

7. Dark Lipstick

What's great about red lipstick is all the different shades it can come in, meaning that a bright red lipstick, a coral red lipstick, and even an almost black burnt red lipstick can all be categorized as red. If you're not into opt for a deep red one instead.

8. '80s Goth

This is an everyday look for Daniel Starr, which makes me feel incredibly ashamed of my own makeup skills. But this is the ultimate proof that red lipstick can be applied to any type of taste or style and still look stunning.

9. Glitter Lipstick

Hey! Christmas is just around the corner, so why not makeshift a glitter lips look by covering your lippy in Vaseline and dabbing on craft glitter oh so carefully? It's a party look that will stand out in a room as well as looking amazing on your Instagram.

There's no wrong way to wear a red lip, and as you can see, it's got plenty of iterations. Don't be afraid to get creative and start experimenting, because there are no limits when it comes to this classic shade.

Images: Georgina Jones, Courtesy of Alex Ogden, Courtesy of Daniel Starr.