Here's The Lip Kit Kylie Jenner Thinks You Need

Thanksgiving weekend marks sale upon sale upon sale and on Nov. 28, Kylie Cosmetics didn't disappoint with its Cyber Monday offerings. Not only that, Kylie Jenner herself is telling you what lip kit you should buy if you're having any trouble deciding what to shop.

Thanks to a post on Kylie Jenner's website, you'll be able to shop with confidence since you'll have a recommendation on lip kits from Jenner herself. Whether it's the perfectly fall hue of Spice or the vibrant red of Merry, there's a lip kit out there for everyone. Jenner knows that, and maybe that's why she's helping you find yours.

In a post to her website, Jenner explains that because her collection of lip kits has grown so much she wanted to match fans' personalities to their perfect lip kits. Through Jenner's quiz — which features questions such as "On a roadtrip, I listen to..." — fans can get paired with their ideal kit.

Jenner, however, is giving you options. Once you take the quiz, you'll be directed toward a specific type of lip kit, not a singular kit. Fans can receive a recommendation of pinks (like Posie K or KoKo K), nudes (like Exposed), or vampy (like Leo or Kourt K). With so many lip kits to chose from, there are probably more options lurking around, but it's up to fans to take the quiz to find out.

Plus, now is the perfect time to find your perfect shade. The Kylie Cosmetics store is offering 20 percent off the entire site! If you get a vampy result, retake the quiz, and get a nude option, you can snag any of the recommended shades at a discount.

The Cyber Monday sale ends at midnight. Plus, if fans have been waiting for a reason to shop, they've definitely got it now. Everyone loves a a discount.

To take the quiz, head over to Jenner's website. Once you've gotten the lip kit that's best for you from Jenner, shop the Kylie Cosmetics Cyber Monday sale. With a discount, a recommendation from Jenner, and a killer product, why not?