Winter Foods That Are Good For Your Skin, According To A Dermatologist

When you think about skin care, you likely picture beauty products that are specifically aimed for your skin, that can cure or lessen skin ailments. Winter foods that are good for your skin may not be the first elements that come to mind when you imagine the road to healthy skin.

There are plenty of products out there that claim to heal multiple skin conditions, or leave you with generally healthy looking skin, but instead of focusing on the cure to your skin issues, it makes sense to think about preventing them in the first place. Of course, drinking plenty of water is known to benefit the skin, but you shouldn't forget the old adage, "You are what you eat." It's common knowledge that sugary foods are bad for your skin, along with other types of unhealthy foods, but you may not know about the types of foods that are beneficial to the skin.

In addition to this, it's a good idea to understand how your skin is affected by the seasons, plus what foods will help your skin stay in good shape at different times of the year. So I spoke to board certified dermatologist, Dr. Michael Swann, to discover which foods we should be eating during the winter and why they'll give our skin a helping hand.

"A healthy diet can work in conjunction with great skin care to optimize your skin health," Dr. Swann tells me over email. "Our skin is prone to DNA damage as a result of UV radiation and dehydration. In the winter, when dehydration is a major concern, in addition to topical moisturizers, some foods may help you keep your glow."

"When I think of foods that might be able to keep your skin in great shape, I think of healthy fats," says Dr. Swann. "the skin is a lipid bilayer, which means it is made of fats. Olive oil, avocado, and yes, even coconut oil, can be great adjunctions."

Sure, avocados may not be available year round where you live, but chances are, avocados may appear eternally in season in your area because of the demand from the general public. Plus, different kinds of oils are pretty easy to pick up at any time of year from major supermarkets.

"Also healthy nuts, including almonds, can be a positive addition to your diet," Dr. Swann explains. According to Just Almonds Inc., a California based wholesale almond company that grows and processes their own almonds, almonds become ripe and ready to be harvested in the autumn, just in time for consuming in the colder months. However, almonds are another food that you can actually buy year round in most supermarkets and health food stores.

"None of these foods, by themselves, can replace a great skin care regimen," adds Dr. Swann. So make sure you're following a good skin care routine, while supplementing your diet with these healthy fat containing foods to keep your skin looking wonderful in the winter!

Images: Brad Helmink (1), Roberta Sorge (1) /Unsplash; Unsplash (1), __Sherry__ (1) /Pixabay