12 'Veronica Mars' Gifts That Will Delight Your Favorite Marshmallows

When it comes to Christmas cheer, Veronica Mars was hardly a place to give you warm seasonal fuzzies. Biting wit and mind-boggling mysteries, yes, but the show’s one stab at the holiday ended with... well, a stabbing. Regardless, you can still include the CW show into your yuletide festivities by putting a few Veronica Mars gifts on your Christmas list this year. But where can you find cool Veronica Mars merch to make the season bright (and then incredibly dark again when you remember the shady nature of the neo noir)?

Well, you don’t need to be a teen super sleuth to figure that one out: Etsy has you covered. And I have you covered, too, by rounding up a handful of (sometimes bizarre) items that should peak the interest of dedicated Marshmallows. Because let’s be real, you already have all the Veronica Mars DVD box sets and the movie from last Christmas. Or, at least that’s what I asked for Santa last year.

It probably goes without saying that you’ll end up having a better Christmas then the Echolls family. But you can definitely guarantee a happy holiday if you put some of these cool Veronica Mars stocking stuffers on your list.

1. This Decked Out Charm Bracelet

Veronica Mars Themed Charm Bracelet, $13, Etsy

The macbook! The camera! And do I spy a dog posing as Backup here?

2. This Title Card Necklace

She’s A Marshmallow Necklace, $4, Etsy

In case you want to show your love for the show in a more minimalist way.

3. These Mars Investigation Case Sheets

Veronica Mars – Case Files Writing Sheets, $4, Etsy

So you can document evidence for your last murder mystery... or write down your grocery list, whichever.

4. These Quote Magnets

So you can hang up your evidence slash grocery list on the fridge.

5. These Nesting Character Dolls

Set Of Five Veronica Mars: The Movie Nesting Dolls, $56, Etsy

Oh, what a time to be alive.

6. This Flag That Shows Your Neptune Pride

Neptune, California – Veronica Mars Pennant, $25, Etsy

I mean, it's a town with a seedy underbelly and chaos driven by class warfare, but hey, everyone's sarcasm game is on point.

7. This Saint Veronica Candle

Veronica Mars Saint Candle-Prayer Candle Kristen Bell, $10, Etsy

Also a worthwhile purchase if you simply worship at the altar of Kristen Bell.

8. This Print That Vouches For True LoVe

Veronica Mars Block Print, $24, Etsy

Paying homage to a romance that spans years and continents.

9. This Flask For Occasions When You Need To Be Stealth

Mars Investigations Flask – Veronica Mars Inspired Art, $25, Etsy

Because the work of a Private Eye is incredibly stressful, and also $13 for a cocktail is insane.

10. This Neptune High Mug

Neptune Pirates Coffee / Tea Mug, $12, Etsy

Show your Pirate pride, even if you think Wallace is getting a little full of himself now that he's joined the basketball team.

11. This Breakfast-Themed Cartoon Shirt

Veronica’s Neptune Crunch: Veronica Mars T-Shirt, $20, Etsy

I don't exactly know why Cap'n' Crunch and VM are melding, but I can see that this shirt is chock full of references.

12. And Of Course, This Friendship Bracelet

Veronica Mars Quote Bracelet, $15, Etsy

The perfect gift to give your bestie.

Pick up one of these great gifts this holiday season to show your Mars love.

Images: CW (1); Etsy (12)