What Colors Are The Kylie Jenner x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan Polishes? The Charity Shades Include Sapphire Flakes — PHOTOS

Are you a nail polish addict who loves trendy colors, unique formulas, and consider your mani and pedi to be akin to an accessory? Do you love Kylie Jenner, who is known for her fashion-forward talons? Who doesn't right? Remember, there were several Kylie Jenner x SinfulColors limited edition nail polish collections launched this past spring. Even though Jenner was in the infancy stage of her Kylie Cosmetics brand and her Lip Kits at the time, she still teamed up with the budget brand to create gorgeous, affordable, and long-wearing polishes in tons and tons of shades for all of her fans. The makeup maven also partnered with the brand for the #IAmMoreThan Charity Nail Polish Set this year. The Kylie x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan nail lacquer collection is back for an encore. What colors are include in this limited edition range?

While the other collections, like Denim & Bling and Trend Matters, were extensive, with dozens of hues, the Kylie x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan Charity Set features three premium shades. There's a vibrant blue, a peachy shade, and a grey lacquer. All are infused with sapphire flakes and shimmer.

The collection is available exclusively at Star Shop for $69.99. The set is shoppable up until Dec. 31. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to STOMP Out Bullying, which seeks to prevent bullying and cyberbullying, and the L.A. LGBT Center.

The Kylie x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan collection is a premium offering from the brand, which is known for low-priced yet high-performance and longwear lacquers. According to Sinful Colors reps, the sapphire flakes add a "Blue Prismatic Effect" to the polishes. There's clearly a lot to love about this collection, so let's break it down.

Behold the bright blue and shimmery Kompassionate.

Meet Korageous, which is a champagne x peachy shade infused with blue shimmer. The blue cast comes from the sapphire flakes.

Lastly, observe Konfident, which is a steely gray with sapphire shimmer.

The packaging is also a crown, since, well, it was co-created by King Kylie. I am sure you can get creative and possibly repurpose this container in a variety of ways.

The bottles boast embellished caps, with the "K" charm, too.

Images: SinfulColors/Instagram (1); Courtesy of SinfulColors (5)