How Much Is The Kylie Jenner x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan Nail Polish Collection? The Set Benefits Charity

The Kylie Jenner brand is absolutely popping this holiday season. The Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Edition Collection gives life and has been selling out, while the semi-mysterious Kylie shop, which looks to offer Jenner-branded merch like tees, socks, and cell phone cases, officially launches Dec. 10. Jenner is back on the nail polish scene with the Kylie Jenner x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan limited edition nail polish collection. Jenner and the inexpensive yet on-trend brand created multiple and extensive collections earlier this year, featuring lots of colors and textures. The encore of the Kylie x SinfulColors #IAmMore Than charity collection is available solely at Star Shop. The set will be on sale up until Dec. 31. How much is the Kylie x SinfulColors charity polish range?

Kylie x SinfulColors #IAmMoreThan Charity Set is available for $69.99. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to STOMP Out Bullying, an organization dedicated to eradicating bullying and cyberbullying, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

#IAmMoreThan is a premium polish set and each of the three shades is infused with sapphire flakes, which add a blue tone to the colors and likely more dollars to the price. The collection also comes in eye-catching, custom-designed, crown packaging a la King Kylie. The caps are embellished and fancy, too.

Bustle reached out to SinfulColors reps to inquire about the specifics of how the sapphire flakes work.

UPDATE: SinfulColors reps replied to our email on Nov. 29, saying, "The sapphire flakes add a Blue Prismatic Effect to the polishes, and they, as well as the fact that both the formula and the packaging are premium and unique, add to the higher costs."

Kompassionate is a look-at-me blue, perfect for fingers and toes.

Korageous is a peachy champagne shade, which had a blue cast from the sapphire flakes.

Konfident is gray all day.

The packaging is, well, king. Perhaps you can find a fresh way to use it besides storing your charity-focused nail polishes?!

Images: SinfulColors/Instagram (1); Courtesy of SinfulColors (5)