Lauren Graham's Blue Coat From 'Gilmore Girls' Disappeared & It's A Symbolic Closing To Her 'GG' Journey

When the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls was announced earlier this year, some of the key cast members had a whole lot of feelings to share about it. Lauren Graham shared a photo of a blue coat she "stole" from the set when the show first ended, and for some fans, it became a part of Gilmore mythology. In her new memoir, Talking As Fast As I Can, Graham shares that her beloved blue coat disappeared on the final day of shooting the revival, and it feels like a symbolic closing to her GG journey.

First, a bit of backstory about the original blue coat. In the book, Graham says that after the show was cancelled, she had often been asked by journalists if she took anything from the old set, but the only thing she'd taken was a blue coat, which she took by accident because she was already wearing it. Graham wrote,

My blue coat was something I went home in one day and sort of forgot about until it was time to come back. Besides, they always seem more interested in intentional hard-core theft, anyway.

So, the blue coat thereafter became the item that she stole from the set. (In case you were wondering, this time around, Graham took a pink tin flamingo from the kitchen and Alexis Bledel took a Yale banner from Rory's room.)

Now fast forward nine years. Ahead of the revival, Graham posted the above photo showing off her blue coat and how ready she was to step back into Lorelai's shoes and wardrobe. In the book, she writes that after filming the last scene she realized that her coat was missing when she returned to her trailer that night. She remembered she left it on a bike on set and had people all over the set looking for it, but it was never found. Graham rationalized that maybe a fan took it as their own souvenir,

In all the years that I worked there, I thought of the back lot as a sort of extension of my house... Warner Brothers gives tours there now, which means it's much more crowded than it used to be. I don't want to think the worst, but maybe tweeting that picture when the show was announced made it a desirable or fun collector's item for someone who was passing by? (By the way, if that someone is you, no hard feelings, but can you mail it back to my manager in Los Angeles, John Carrabino, no questions asked?)

Seriously, if anyone took it, return it! When I first read this tidbit about her missing coat, it felt like the coat was a symbol of her Gilmore Girls journey as a whole. She accidentally took the coat after not knowing the show would be cancelled, and she revealed in the book that she never wore it once after the end of the original series, but it had managed to stay with her that entire time, almost like the character stayed with her.

Graham also spoke of her connection to the coat and how she felt to have lost it,

I'm not sure why I kept it... We once had a terrible winter of moths eating all our sweaters, but somehow they spared this coat — even they must have known I was going to need it again. For Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, it was with me everyday. It kept me warm and dry, and billowed out behind me as I rode my bike across the lot in the wee hours of the night. So I can't help but feel a little sad it's gone.

It sounds like the loss of her coat mirrors her feeling of loss, sadness, yet odd completion of her journey with Lorelai. But for us fans, we can only hope that this blue coat will pop up again just in time for an second Year In The Life.