Who Is Adela King On 'Ladies Of London'? The Jet Setter Has Many Roles

Nothing gold can stay, especially on reality television. For example, though Ladies Of London returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, Nov. 19, some of the ladies, namely Annabelle Neilson, will not be joining it. What’s a Bravo casting director to do? Add some more friends to the mix! Caroline Stanbury’s pal Adela King is joining the Ladies of London cast, and according to the season's trailer, she’s “big boobs, big hair, and … big everything.” Unsurprisingly, there is much more to know about her than that description.

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, Adela is quite the globetrotter — she was born in Costa Rica, raised in Florida, and attended boarding school in England. She’s also lived in Singapore and Hong Kong. Adela goes way back with Caroline Stanbury, so it’s no wonder that she made the casting cut — Caroline is so clearly the Queen B of Ladies of London that it has to be helpful for her to bring on another pal to pad her arguments and the like. If you can’t beat ‘em (which Caroline can’t when it comes to some of the American women on the show), you make sure you have an army to fight them. That’s how the saying goes, isn’t it?

In addition to a world-traveler, Adela is a model, fashion designer, and mother of two children. The other Ladies Of London cast members have even been photographed in Adela's boot creations — she favors an over-the-knee design. Can I get a pair of those if I join the cast, too? Please?

Adela is also two years sober and, according to Bravo, struggled with addiction on and off for the better part of two decades before that. Adela is also mega-obsessed with fitness, and she seems to place a lot of emphasis on taking care of herself. Is she a Ladies Of London cast member for a new age? She's the first who works out like a madwoman (the videos on her Instagram make me feel like such a slacker), and she doesn't drink.

How Adela will shake things up on Ladies Of London remains to be seen, but I am definitely looking forward to this season even more after getting to know her.

Image: Bravo