Will David Bowie's Family Be At The 2017 Grammys? There's A Good Chance Considering His Nominations

With the nominations for the 59th annual Grammy Awards announced Tuesday morning, some of you may be wondering if David Bowie's family will be at the 2017 Grammys. Obviously, when it comes to the music legend, who died in January at the age of 69 after battling cancer, there's always a chance his family will show up at a music awards show to honor him especially since he is nominated in categories stemming from his album, Blackstar. There is no official word yet on whether or not any family will be in attendance on Bowie's behalf, but that could all change now that he is nominated.

Unlike the 2016 Grammys, there most likely won't be another emotional tribute to Bowie, but now that he is nominated, there's a good chance because someone may have to accept an award on his behalf. Bowie is nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for "Blackstar" and Best Alternative Music Album for Blackstar. (The album is also nominated for Best Recording Package, but that award would go to the art director, Jonathan Barnbrook, and for Best Engineered Album, an award that would be given in Bowie's name, as well as to several others.)

To be clear, his wife, Iman, did not go to last year's Grammys and instead chose to honor her late husband by staying at home and wearing a black Gucci sweater embroidered with "Bowie" on the back of it.

Though, seeing as Bowie's date of death (Jan. 11) and the 2016 Grammys (Feb. 15) were about a month apart, it makes sense why Iman didn't attend. His death was still very fresh, so to be at a highly-publicized event where Bowie was pretty much the main focus may have just been too difficult for her. However, now that it's almost a year later (that's not to say his death doesn't hurt any less), she may feel differently and go to this year's Grammys on behalf of her husband, especially now that he's nominated.

According to Billboard, Blackstar "is more than just a sentimental favorite — it’s considered one of the strongest albums in his magnificent career." Billboard continued, "The rest of the slate might depend on how voters perceive Bowie’s legacy. If his nomination is seen as filling the 'classic rock' slot, then Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool could win out as a more contemporary choice. But if he’s viewed as representing music’s experimental edge, then Grammy favorite Paul Simon might make the cut with his acclaimed Stranger to Stranger."

Forbes predicted that Bowie will be recognized in some way, shape, or form and possibly for Song of the Year. The publication believed that either "Blackstar" or "Lazarus" would earn a nom. As Forbes noted, "The rock star’s passing has helped shine a light on his true brilliance, and hopefully that will not be ignored by Grammy voters this time around."

Whether or not his family attends the 2017 Grammys, here's hoping Bowie wins big. The icon only ever won one Grammy in 1985 for Best Music Video, Short Form for "Jazzin, For Blue Jean." Yes, he also earned a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 Grammys, but it's still crazy to think that he never took home more gramophones. If he does win, it's sad that he's not here to share in it, but it's just another way to remember the forever great David Bowie.