13 Sexy Stocking Stuffers For $20 And Under

I don’t know about you, but my family is really into stocking stuffers. My grandma is so into them that she wraps each individual one, which is kind of awesome because you get to open way more presents that way. However, despite my family’s enthusiasm for stocking stuffers — and my enthusiasm for unwrapping presents — I’ve found that most of the gifts that end up in stockings are, well, kind of useless. They’re all too often things that not only does no one really need but no one really wants either. Which is why you all should be picking out one of these sex toy stocking stuffers instead.

I mean, not for family, obviously. (Unless you have a super sex-positive family that’s down with that, in which case props to you.) But if your stockings are more between friends or just between you and your partner — or if you want to do your own sex-positive holiday celebration with just your significant other, before the family gathering — then these are perfect. They’re also all under $20 because, let’s be real: stocking stuffers are not supposed to cost much. The whole point is that they’re cheap, small, and fun. So with that in mind, here are 13 sex toy stocking stuffers, for all genders and all at a totally affordable price point. Have fun!

1. Babeland Buzz Vibe

Babeland Buzz Vibe , $12, Babeland

This little vibrator is a classic for a reason! Don't let its small size and discreet design fool you — it brings the vibrations.

2. Sext Notes

Sext Notes, $10, Unbound

Perfect for your emoji-obsessed friend who's looking for a way to unsubtly tell their boo they want some.

3. Tenga Eggs

Tenga Eggs, $8.50, Babeland

One of the original sex toys for people with penises, this masturbation tool is always a pleaser.

4. Candy Nipple Tassels

Candy Nipple Tassels, $8, Unbound

For your friend who's into burlesque. Or your lover who's into nipple play.

5. Bondage Boutique Advanced Leather Blindfold

Bondage Boutique Advanced Leather Blindfold, $16.99, Lovehoney

Nothing says, "Hey babe, I'd love to get into sensory play" like a leather blindfold in their stocking!

6. Babeland Arousal Balm

Babeland Arousal Balm, $6, Babeland

Pop this discreetly packaged little bad boy into a lover's stocking to add some tingle to your sex play.

7. Trump Merkin

Trump Merkin, $6, Unbound

Because we have to laugh through the pain, amirite?

8. Doc Johnson Good Head UR3 Helping Head Blow Job Stroker

Doc Johnson Good Head UR3 Helping Head Blow Job Stroker, $12.99, Lovehoney

There aren't very many toys for people with penises, but this one gets rave reviews!

9. Babeland Body Massage Bar

Babeland Body Massage Bar, $2.50, Babeland

We all have that friend who loves to give massages a little more than anyone else in the room. This one is for them.

10. Jawbreaker Gag

Jawbreaker Gag, $16, Unbound

First of all, this is adorable. Second, it's candy! So it's almost like a traditional stocking stuffer! (Right?)

11. LHM Male Stripper Kit

LHM Male Stripper Kit, $8.99, Lovehoney

For your friend who really loves Magic Mike.

12. Rubber Duckie Vibe

Rubber Duckie Vibe, $20, Unbound

Rub-a-dub-dub! This cutie is another good one for the friend that you know would prefer a subtle vibe.

13. Feather Nipple Clamps

Feather Nipple Clamps, $12, Unbound

So trendy! So cute!

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Images: Babeland (4); Lovehoney (3); Unbound (6)