Wally Made His Kid Flash Debut Against The Dominators When The "Heroes V Aliens" Crossover Event Continued On 'The Flash'

It's all hands on deck when Barry and the rest of The CW's superhero teams are faced with an alien invasion. Or, at least, it's almost all hands on deck. In "Invasion!," part two of the Supergirl x The Flash x Arrow x Legends of Tomorrow crossover event, the Dominators landed in Central City on The Flash, inspiring Barry to gather all his super hero buddies (Supergirl, the Legends, and Team Arrow). And, even though Iris didn't want Wally to start using his powers to fight alongside them, Wally made his Kid Flash debut against the Dominators.

First: the Dominators. Barry, Oliver, Supergirl, and the Legends had their work cut out for them with these alien invaders. With no information on them other than their names and the fact that they are extremely strong, the super friends were basically running in blind. Supergirl helped prep Team Arrow (OTA plus Thea) and the Legends (also minus the newbies) on how to fight aliens, but it wasn't enough. When the team stormed the Dominators' hide out after they kidnapped the President, the Dominators turned on an alien device that took control of their minds! And, when they came back, the team went after Oliver and Barry, who stayed behind at Star Labs after Barry got a message from his future self saying he couldn't be trusted.

Needless to say, the Arrow and the Flash weren't enough to defeat The Atom, Firestorm, Heat Wave, Supergirl, the White Canary, Arsenal, and Speedy on their own. So Wally, tired of being stuck on the sidelines, decided to use his speed in the field, whether Iris was OK with it or not. Wally sped into danger, helping save Barry from a mind-controlled Kara, only to end up knocked out himself. He'll recover, but his injury is enough to earn him a stern talking to from Iris upon his safe return. It definitely doesn't look like Iris isn't going to go back on her decision not to have Wally train to become Kid Flash. But, that might not matter, as Wally got HR to agree to help him train (though what, exactly, HR can teach Wally about being a superhero speedster remains to be seen.)

Training or no training, it looks like Barry is going to need Wally's help sooner rather than later, as the episode ended with Oliver, Digg, and most of Team Legend being beamed up somewhere, supposedly by the Dominators. Getting them back safely might just be a job for The Flash and Kid Flash.

Images: Michael Courtney/The CW; sawyrsmaggie/tumblr