Freda's Return On 'Empire' Could Mean That She & Nessa Are About To Team Up

Freda Gatz is back on Empire, y’all, and I think she’ll be warming up the stage a lot sooner than we all thought. After a stint in jail for shooting Jamal Lyon (the bullet was meant for Lucious, though, because he killed her father), she is back on the outside, and I bet she’ll be making music soon. Actually, I'm willing to bet that Freda's return on Empire means that, sometime soon, Nessa and Freda will be making sweet music together.

Freda got sold down the river a few times by the Lyons. Lucious promised her the world and then dropped her when he didn’t know if she could make a hit slash couldn’t conform to his standards. Then, Jamal had a hard time being her friend after she shot him (understandable, but it still hurts). It seems to me that Freda has always worked better with a musical partner (she and Jamal were great together), and I have a new one picked out for her: Nessa.

Andre’s new love and the newest Empire Enterprises edition may be Freda’s ticket to the musical top again. Andre brought Freda along with him for some benefit that Nessa asked him to come to, and, though Freda was adamant about not rapping, the very personal song that Nessa sang on stage encouraged Freda to get up and do her own thing. Did we just see the makings of a power couple emerge?

Freda and Nessa (whose cousin Shine is one of Lucious’ biggest frenemies, and also tried to kill Andre) are outsiders to the Empire Enterprises world. They’re not getting the love they should be getting, and I think that, if they put their heads together to make a hit (or 10), they’ll be pretty much unstoppable. Just watching the few minutes of them on the stage in the last few minutes of the episode was exhilarating, so you know there’s more where that came from. Ladies helping ladies. Can we get more of that on Empire, please?

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX (2)