This 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Clue About The Final 4 Words Came So Early, You Totally Missed It

It’s already been a week since the Gilmore Girls revival finally hit Netflix. That may seem like a long time against the internet’s fast-paced turnover, but knowing GG fans, it’s only the beginning: the beloved early-aughts dramedy is destined to fuel heated debate and feverish discussion for years to come. For now, people are still grappling with those famous last four words of Gilmore Girls , a brief but potent exchange that left viewers immediately slack-jawed. If you’ve yet to make it to the ending, stop here, because major spoilers lie ahead. Looking back (yes, I'm already looking back), there was a very early clue that Rory would get pregnant, and unless you’re some kind of Gilmore prophet, you probably missed it.

Now, there’s been plenty of chatter about Rory’s scene with her dad, Christopher, and though that's not the scene I'm talking about, here’s a quick refresher on this much more obvious clue. In “Fall,” she stops by his office to get his go-ahead for her memoir, but also to glean a little insight about his role in her upbringing. Rory asks if he ever had regrets about letting Lorelai raise her on her own, a seemingly innocuous conversation that carries a lot more weight with context. After Rory reveals she’s pregnant, it’s obvious she was pondering how much fatherly involvement she should push for when her own child arrives. The baby is presumably Logan’s, so talking to her dad is the perfect substitute for gauging Logan’s reaction. After all, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has confirmed that Logan is Rory’s version of Christopher.

Rewind two episodes, though, and there’s yet another clue. In “Spring,” Rory accompanies Paris back to her house, which apparently has a lot of stairs. Rather than make the nanny face the horror that is Paris’ five-story abode, she volunteers to take Paris' kids out to eat. Later, while babysitting, she calls Logan to ask if his father will still put in a good word for her at Condé Nast. She pauses to wipe one of the kid’s faces during their chat, leading Logan to make a telling joke: “Life changed a lot since I last saw you?” he asks. Rory, of course, brushes it off with the logical explanation, but one year later and it could’ve been a much different story.

Logan’s remark is so quick that it’s hard to read any kind of reaction, but he clearly didn’t actually think Rory was talking about her own baby (or theirs, as the case may be). It’s a subtle nod, but Gilmore Girls rarely does anything without intention. If they can squeeze in 20-plus callbacks to the original show, they’re probably too clever for coincidences. But the scene is so far before the big reveal that it’s tricky to make the connection, even after you’ve racked your mind for early signs. There are probably a whole lot more Gilmore Easter eggs we’ve yet to uncover, so it’s only fitting that we continue to dissect those final chapters until the television gods smile upon us with another batch of new episodes. One can dream, right?

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