How Much Is The Kylie Lipstick Vault? It's A Total Steal

Kylie Cosmetics is having a seriously busy few weeks. From launching the Kylie Holiday Edition Collection to promoting the Kylie Shop, the brand's got a lot going on, and it's not stopping. The Kylie Lipstick Vault is coming as one of the 12 Days of Christmas from Kylie Cosmetics' final holiday surprise. While the surprise actually turned out to be 12 days of different surprises, the Kylie Lipstick Vault alone would have been enough. However, no fans are going to complain about more things coming down the line from Kylie Cosmetics.

Wednesday's announcement of the vault also came with the surprise that it's be launched the following day on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. PT. Jenner certainly isn't making her fans wait long to snag the collection, but she's also giving them a total deal. The vault comes with 12 of Jenner's best selling lipstick colors, and while that itself is exciting, the best part is the bomb price. Jenner is brining you the vault at a killer discount.

According to the post on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, the vault is going to ring in at $120. While that seems like a lot to spend, the value is hard to deny once you break it down based on individual prices.

Since there are a whopping 12 lipsticks in the Kylie Vault, that means the lippies only cost $10 a piece. If you've ever bought a matte single from Jenner or a lip kit combination you know that singles retail for $17 while full kits are $29. No matter how you slice it, $10 per lip is a steal.

Fans also seem to already be ready to purchase the vault, too. Even if the collective price seems high, they understand that snagging best selling lip kits like Ginger, KoKo K, or Kourt K is just too good of a deal to pass up.

If the previous bundles by Jenner are any indiciation, this set is bound to sell out. With the Holiday Edition Collection minis and four lippie bundle selling out insanely fast during restocks, this super discounted bundle will probably do the same.

If you want to snag this gorgeous collection of 12 matte single lipstick, you'd better move fast. Jenner's collection are totally killer, and the price of this one is just too good to miss.

Images: Instagram/Kylie Cosmetics