Mariah Carey May Postpone Her Wedding On 'Mariah's World,' & It Shows Her Life Isn't All Glam

For some reason, women are expected to be able to juggle work and family seamlessly and make it all look easy. That’s called “having it all,” right? And it’s not just regular ladies like me who get stuck in the trap — it happens to even very famous people like Mariah Carey. On Mariah’s World, Mariah is stuck between a rock and a hard place — she’s about to tour Europe for the first time in over a decade, and she’s also supposed to get married to Australian businessman James Packer nearly at the same time. Mariah’s World shows how Mariah may have to postpone her wedding for the sake of the tour, and the tough decision it is to choose professional over personal.

Mariah and James have since split following the filming of the show, but on the premiere of Mariah’s World, the two are seemingly happy and planning a wedding. You don’t see James at all, but Mariah does talk about putting together their nuptials. Except there’s a problem — Mariah has two weeks to put together a full European tour, and as she says, if something goes wrong, it’s her that gets blamed. It doesn’t matter that it’s not her fault — she’s the one whose name is up in lights, and she is the one who has to please her fans. Due to the crazy stress of trying to perfect a tour and a multi-million dollar wedding at once (oh, and raise her two kids, Monroe and Moroccan), Mariah’s manager, Stella, suggests that Mariah postpone the wedding until her professional matters are finished.


I can’t say I disagree with Stella — from where I sit, I would rather be done with my job and ready to relax and enjoy my wedding than try and do both. I think Mariah feels the same way, but she struggles with the decision because she doesn’t want to disappoint James. I feel her — she knows she has serious professional obligations, but she doesn’t want to hurt her soon-to-be husband. Here’s my question, though — if James had a big business deal or something that needed to happen around a wedding, would anyone blame him for pushing back the nuptials? I would venture to say probably not. Mariah’s World gives a lot of insight into the big decisions that Mariah is forced to make, both in her personal and professional lives — and I look forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes of her life.

Images: Roger Do Minh/E! Entertainment; Giphy