Looks Lika Ramona & Sonja Have Reunited

If you thought these Real Housewives stars would never be friends again, this photo of Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan will make you feel so much better. Remember the good old days of Real Housewives of New York City's Ramonja? These two were hilarious, inseparable, always had each other's backs, and couldn't live, breathe, eat, or sleep without one another. Well, that all changed in Season 8 when Morgan felt like Singer (and most of the other women) didn't have her back.

Well, it looks like they are finally back on good terms. In an Instagram shared by Singer Thursday, she and Morgan are huddled close together. Alongside the photo, Singer wrote, "@sonjatmorgan......... Fun catching up today [lip emoji]." Based on that, it appears they are catching up after some time apart and it's about time, right? It'd be upsetting if Ramonja weren't friends, so it's nice to see that they are least hanging out and hopefully working on any issues they may still have.

Things went downhill for the two throughout Season 8 and at the reunion. In October, during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Morgan dished about Singer and said about their friendship, "It's not great. But the thing is unlike Dorinda [Medley], I do have a very long and deep history with Ramona and I love her." The "International Fashion Lifestyle Brand" also said she was not happy with how Singer and everyone else handled that huge mess with Bethenny Frankel and Morgan's prosecco line, Tipsy Girl.

"She was not there for me," Morgan told Andy Cohen on WWHL. "I didn't realize until I saw the show air and they were talking behind my back." She continued, "They were so sucking up to [Frankel] and so not helping facilitate our friendship. That hurt my feelings when I saw the show air."

Morgan also talked with Bravo's The Daily Dish in October and provided other details about why she was not speaking to Singer. Among other things, Morgan said,

"I mean, I love her but she's like that Labrador that just jumps up on you and she's just ripping your suede jacket at the same time and you're like, 'OK.' I have benched Ramona for a couple of years before. Sometimes you just need a break from her."

They certainly have had a lot of drama over the years, but they always manage to work through it. Clearly, Singer's Instagram is proof of just that. #RamonjaForever