Melissa McCarthy's 'Spy' Movie Will Now Feature 50 Cent... Playing Himself

Susan Cooper is no more. Spy — the same movie but with a different title — has arisen in its place, with just as much Melissa McCarthy as before and therefore just as much love from us. We've also now got 50 Cent set to appear in Spy , which is wacky and delightful and makes us psyched in that very particular Kanye-West-in-Anchorman-2 way.

The rest of the cast so far consists of McCarthy as Susan Cooper, Jason Statham as an "overconfident yet clumsy spy," Jude Law as a "suave superspy," and Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Nia Long, and Miranda Hart all as other people who are around but whose character details aren't known yet.

And now we've also got Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, whose details we also do not know at this juncture. Bridesmaids' Paul Feig will direct the film (he also wrote it). According to The Hollywood Reporter, 50 Cent will be playing himself, though the context is unclear.

Perhaps he's the Demi Moore to this film's Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? Maybe he's been kidnapped and Melissa McCarthy commits her all to returning him to safety, and they bond along the way? Maybe he's just got a useful piece of information or they happen to find themselves at a rap concert?

Whichever which way this goes, we've got yet another thing to look forward to with this movie.