Lil Wayne's April Fools' Day Tweet About Retiring Is A Weird Move

Ugh, is April Fools' Day over yet? I'm already an anxious and skeptical person, so AFD and I do not mix. I usually disregard any and all suspicious social media posts on AFD, but I had to do a double take when I saw Lil Wayne's April Fools’ joke about retiring. Typically, I would write this off as nothing more than an April Fools’ hoax. But before I could, I was reminded of this critical detail: Just last month, the rapper told MTV News that The Carter V could very well be his last solo album. GASP. Therefore, his April Fools' Day tweet is kind of weird. It went from "harmless April Fools' funny" to "wait just a darn tootin' minute [scratches head]."

So what did he tweet? He wrote, “I’m retiring…April f**kin foolz!” and left it at that. AUGHHHH. Of course it's an AFD joke, right? RIGHT?!

Well, it's too late. I've already read into the tweet. AFD got inside my head. A few hypotheses regarding the "April f**kin foolz" tweet:

  1. Lil Wayne has no intention of retiring, but The Carter V could in fact be his last solo album (per the MTV interview). The tweet was an April Fools’ joke.
  2. Lil Wayne has no intention of retiring, and The Carter V will not be his last solo album. The tweet was an April Fools’ joke, and his remarks to MTV last month were all a part of the April Fools’ joke. He planned ahead.
  3. Lil Wayne plans on retiring. The “April f**kin foolz” part of the tweet is an April Fools' joke. The April Fools' and the "April f**kin foolz" cancel each other out (e.g., if you say "I brought you a cookie—just kidding! Oh, I was just kidding about just kidding," that means you brought me a cookie after all. How nice!). The "I'm retiring" part is not the April Fools' joke (it's the "April f**kin foolz" joke), so the “I’m retiring” part of the tweet remains.

I feel like an idiot right now. It's probably nothing more than a straightforward joke. He's probably just done with The Carter albums, but will keep on keepin' on. Way to overthink things, Rohwedder. (Damn you, AFD. Damn you.)