Damon & Stefan Made A Deal With The Devil On 'TVD'

Sybil and Damon caught up with Seline and the twins on this week's The Vampire Diaries , "Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell," proving that the only thing worse than one siren is two. Damon, while still under Sybil's control, used his charms to get Seline to spill on her plan: she is going to offer up Caroline and Alaric's twins to Cade as replacement servants allowing her and Sybil to be free. They're perfect because they are both supernatural and share a psychic link. But, in a stroke of genius or maybe even free will, Damon and Stefan sacrificed themselves to Cade on The Vampire Diaries instead.

Since Damon has given himself fully to Sybil after killing Tyler, it seems that she might have given him a bit more free reign over his own mind. Or, at least, enough freedom to come up with a plan to save Caroline and Alaric's twins from Cade. Clearly aware enough to know that turning two little girls over to the devil was not a good look, Damon came up with an alternate plan: offer Stefan and himself up instead. Sybill, desperate to go against the sister who left her in a vault for a few hundred years, agreed to the plan and the two manipulated Seline to make it happen.

Damon lured a desperate Stefan to a motel in the middle of nowhere while Sybil and Seline used the twins to summon Cade to hear their offers. After hearing Seline's offer, Cade was clearly intrigued, and Stefan and Damon arrived just in time to offer themselves up instead. They might not be psychically linked, but two grown vampire brothers is better than two toddlers (I guess). And Stefan didn't think twice before offering himself up to save the twins.

Naturally, Caroline wasn't exctly thrilled when Stefan told her what he had to do to get the twins back — say goodbye to the June wedding, Caroline! But, as part of his deal, Stefan said he needed 24 hours before turning himself over to Cade so he could spend time with his fiancé.

Before you start thinking this is the end for the Salvatore brothers, know that Sybil still seems to have a bigger plan in play. She's keeping her immortality and her powers from Cade for a reason, and I'm betting it's to kill Cade once and for all.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; queenchamberlain/tumblr