How To Make The Next Four Years Productive

Let's be honest. Now that the reality of Donald Trump being the United States' president-elect is starting to sink in, everyone could use some resolutions to make Donald Trump's upcoming presidency not just bearable, but productive as well. I mean, don't get me wrong — if your focus is just on getting through the next four years without cutting off all human contact and never leaving your house again (or signing up for the Mars One mission), that's totally fine — self care comes first. However, considering Trump's presidential cabinet selections so far, the next four years are going to require action to protect the rights of minorities and women in the United States, and if you're up for it, there are a lot of steps anyone can take to make sure positive change still occurs during the next four years.

President-elect Trump's campaign was characterized by divisive rhetoric, to say the least. He threatened to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, prosecute Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her use of private email as Secretary of State, and to create a registry for Muslims entering the country. Although he has backed off on some of these campaign promises (like the registry, for instance), his nominations for cabinet concern many activists. For example, the former executive chair of "alt-right" website Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, has been chosen as Trump's chief strategist, and the president-elect's choice for domestic policy adviser, Ken Blackwell, endorses conversion therapy for LGBTQ people to "reform" their sexuality or gender identity. And then, of course, there's Trump's promise to nominate a staunchly pro-life Supreme Court Justice after he takes office.

Clearly, the next four years are going to be rocky, so it's important that those of us who are able remain conscious of what's happening within the government to ensure things don't turn, well, terrible. Here are 13 resolutions that will help you actually be productive during Trump's presidency.

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If you're in college, you're virtually guaranteed to find a feminist organization somewhere on campus. If you're out of college, it's also easy — you can look for organizations in your area.

The presidential election may be over, but midterm elections are coming up in 2018, and it's important everyone remain educated about the issues it will be imperative in deciding. Make sure you're registered to vote.

With Mike Pence as the Vice President-elect, Planned Parenthood's funding is likely to be targeted. Donate to the organization if you can spare the cash.

Clinics that provide abortions are often the target of protesters, so consider volunteering as an escort, or even in some other capacity.

Some Americans won't be deeply affected under the Trump administration. If you're one of them, take note of how others may be affected, and stand up for them when you see racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination in action.

Politicians are elected to represent the American people. Make sure they know how you feel about their actions by writing or calling their office. One person may not make much of a difference, but if enough people do it, politicians are more likely to take note.

A letter is unlikely to be read by Trump himself — but, judging from his Twitter rants, he might just notice a tweet. Take advantage of that possibility and tweet him your feelings and thoughts about laws and policies his administration is putting forward.

Trump has gone back and forth when it comes to his thoughts on global warming — but the evidence is undeniable when it comes to this one. Educate yourself and others about humanity's impact on the environment.

On that note, Trump's administration is unlikely to prioritize environmental sustainability — so it's up to us all to ensure we leave as little of a carbon footprint as we can. There are all kinds of small changes you can make: Recycle, drive less (if possible), and minimize your trash.

The wage gap runs deep, and one way to help fight it is by supporting female creators. Buy a book written by a woman, or listen to music by female artists. Women stand to lose so much over the next four years, so it's important we all support each other.

Whether or not it actually had a hand in the results of this year's election, fake news has become a problem online. Before you share anything online, check your source.

Clinton losing the presidency was disheartening for millions of women, but it doesn't mean there will never be a woman POTUS. Encourage girls' ambitions while they're young, so they don't feel their goals are limited by gender.

The protests after Trump's election may have died down lately, but there will undoubtedly be others during his presidency. May I suggest getting an early start with the Women's March on Washington, which is set to take place on Jan. 21?

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