16 Holiday Decorations For Book Lovers

The holidays are in full swing which means trees are going up, lights are adoring every tree and building in sight, and holiday music is filling the air. It's easily my favorite time of the year, especially when it begins to snow and there seems to be a holiday festival every other day. Now that I live on my own, I've realized I need to begin investing in some literary holiday decor if I want to begin my own traditions around the holiday season.

Being a major book nerd means there is an ungodly amount of books and bookshelves everywhere, along with book themed posters and art — so my holiday decor has to fit the theme. And if you're the same way, I've got the perfect list of book themed decorations, like bookish ornaments and Harry Potter inspired candles, that'll scream holiday spirit.

Whether you are a big DIY fan and have your glue gun at the ready for just about anything this time of year, or if you like to set up the holiday decorations once and be done with it, there are plenty of fun ideas and decorations for you below. From festive stockings to fill with literary gifts, to using books you already have to stack and make into perfect holiday centerpieces, here are 16 holiday decorations for any and every book lover out there:

1. This Festive Book Stocking

If you've just moved away from home and need a new stocking, could there be a more perfect fit?!

Book Fabric Stocking, $9.99, Etsy

2. Or One Of These Hogwarts House Stockings

Alright, I guess there could be a better fit if you're a major Harry Potter fan. Deck the halls with your Hogwarts house stocking, and make sure to fill it with a lot of chocolate frogs and Berties Botts jelly beans!

Hogwarts Christmas Stocking, $26, Etsy

3. A Candle That Smells Like Christmas At Hogwarts

Speaking of Hogwarts, we've all wondered what it would be like to experience Christmas in the halls of the most magical school on earth — and this is probably the closest we'll get.

Christmas at Hogwarts Candle, $11.50, Etsy

4. A Tiny But Perfect Book Christmas Tree

Have a small apartment? Or maybe want to deck your work desk out in festive mode? Get this adorable book tree that's easily one of the cutest things that's ever existed.

Book Christmas Tree, $15, Etsy

5. A Snowman Book You Can Keep Up All Winter Long

No matter what holiday you celebrate, this adorable snowman book is the perfect decoration to keep up all winter long.

Recycled book snowman, $10, Etsy

6. A Set Of Fancy Book Christmas Trees

If you're going for a more "classy" take on a book tree, these book trees would make perfect book ends or centerpiece decorations.

Reader's Digest Book Christmas Tree, $12, Etsy

7. Some Mini Harry Potter Ornaments

You can't have a bookish holiday without some bookish ornaments to decorate your tree — especially these cute Harry Potter themed ones!

Handmade Mini Harry Potter Ornements, $22, Etsy

8. Library Card Ornaments

These library card ornaments could easily be used all year round as fun decorations for your bookshelf, so make sure to load up on these plushy decorations.

Fabric Library Card Ornament, $12.50, Etsy

9. A Book Cookie Cutter For All Your Christmas Cookie Needs

If you love baking around the holidays and find yourself gifting baked goods over most other things, break out the book cookie cutter and personalize each cookie however you want!

Open Book Cookie Cutter, $5.25+, Etsy

10. Some Bookish Garland

This storybook garland comes in all different colors, so pick your favorite and decorate your home into a holiday-book wonderland.

Storybook garland, $20, Etsy

11. Star of David Book Art Pattern

Want to get your DIY on? Get this easy book art pattern and use an old recycled book to create a truly unique Hanukkah decoration.

Star of David book art pattern, $3, Etsy

12. Your Favorite Book Quotes On An Ornament

You can either buy this lovely ornament, or make one yourself depending on how well you can craft.

Wuthering Heights Ornament, $32, Etsy

13. A Festive Stack Of Books

Spread some peace, love, and joy around the dinner table with this simple statement piece. Or again, if you're a DIY diva, pick out some festive colored books and paint on your own holiday message!

Gold Metallic Peace Love Joy Books, $60, Etsy

14. A Santa Book Art Piece To Adorn Your Walls

If you love book art as much as the next book nerd, there's no reason for you to not have this when it comes to the holiday season.

Santa Book Art, $9, Etsy

15. A Bouquet of Book Poinsettias

Poinsettias always remind me of the holidays, but personally, I'm the worst at keeping plants alive which is why I adore paper plants so much more. Place these at your table, on top of your bookshelf, or pass them out as presents this holiday season.

Poinsettia Book Flower Bouquet, $36, Etsy

16. These Cute Bookish String Of Lights

Whether you wrap this around your tree, stairwell, or along the walls of your room, it's bound to make your home festive and literary all at the same time.

Decorative Fairy Lights, $12.92, Etsy

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