Anna Kendrick's 'SNL' Promos Are The Show's Best Yet — VIDEO

Live from New York, it's... Anna Kendrick's great Saturday Night Live promos! This will definitely get you excited for this Saturday, when she makes her hosting debut on NBC's heralded sketch show. She already seems like a natural in these bits with Taran Killam, but we shouldn't be surprised, as the musical theater-trained actress certainly has proven her versatility and her comedic chops.

But seriously — these promos are downright adorable. We've got Kendrick playing the unsure game ("when do we tape?"), and we've also got a great game in which she guesses what level of fun the show will be. (Answer: it involves bacon. Obviously.) We even have a bit of a musical theater-off between Killam and Kendrick, and OH, how it will make you pine for some duet-age between the two of them on Saturday. The two already seem to be a natural match in their comedic stylings, so we should surely see a sketch or two combining their talents on Saturday. Moreover, we want to hear those — ahem, pitch perfect (yes, pun intended) — pipes!

Kendrick has seemed like a natural fit for awhile (we were psyched when SNL announced that she would step up as host), so this silly promo only confirms that.

Oh yeah —be sure to watch til the end of this promo video. We'll never know what the two were told to say, but we do know it has to do with the fact that yesterday was April Fool's Day.But rest assured, it's no longer April Fools, and there's no fooling — it should be a great show this Saturday.

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