13 Perfect Plus Size Rings To Gift This Season

Although some may not think of it, finding plus size jewelry isn't as simple as finding straight size jewelry. For starters, not all stores stock it. Sometimes, the jewelry you do find may be either too expensive or just not to your tastes — leaving it more than a little stressful to find rings, bracelets and necklaces that suit your style.

This is why gifting jewelry to a special plus size person in your life is all the more precious. It shows you've taken the time and thought to find something that you think they'll truly adore while also making sure that it's something that will definitely fit them. (Plus with many stores over the holidays, their exchange or returns policy will have you covered just in case.)

Jewelry, and in particular rings, are a classic present: The kind of gift you romanticize about getting when you're young but finally chalk up to a crappy Christmas film trope rather than something you will receive in real life. So why not make that dream a reality for a loved one this year? Bonus points if you manage to do it under some mistletoe or while it's snowing.

1. Crystal Stacked Ring Set

Stacked Ring Set (Available to size 12), $16.90,

These stackable rings can be worn separately or all together for a variety of looks.

2. Beetle Ring

Beetle Ring (Available to size 11), $19.95,

A statement ring for your quirkier kinds of friends.

3. Pink Tiara Silver Ring

Pink Tiara Silver Ring (Available to size 14), $39.36,

The perfect ring for any princesses in your life.

4. Crystal Statement Ring

Crystal Statement Ring (Available to size 12), $14.90,

Take "putting a rock on that finger" a little more literally with this statement piece.

5. Open Mini Crystal Ring

Open Mini Crystal Ring (Available to XL), $15.50,

A more delicate kind of ring for those who like to keep it simple.

6. Gold & Pink Gemstone Rings

Gold & Pink Gemstone Rings (One Size), $9,

Why buy one ring when you can get four?

7. Rose Gold Braided Ring

Rose Gold Braided Ring (Available to size 10), $15.99,

Rose gold is popular right now for a reason — because it's absolutely beautiful.

8. Sapphire Silver Ring

Sapphire Silver Ring (Available to size 14), $59.04,

An investment piece that will make one person very, very happy.

9. Starburst Ring

Starburst Ring (Available to size 12), $14.90,

No, not that kind of Starburst. A less edible, but still stunning version instead.

10. Birthstone Ring

December Birthstone Ring (One Size), $10,

Don't worry, Evans has each month covered in their birthstone ring collection, not just December.

11. Double Chevron Thumb Ring

Double Chevron Thumb Ring (Available to XL), $8,

Something a little more stylish to accessorize your hands with.

12. Ten Pack Faux Pearl And Open Ring Set

Ten Pack Faux Pearl And Open Ring Set (Available to XL), $12.50,

A ring for every finger, for if you're feeling especially extra.

13. Silver Solitaire Ring

Silver Solitaire Ring (Available to size 14), $45.51,

A classic cut that will appeal to anyone and everyone.

Even if none of these rings especially speak to you, there are also plenty of plus size jewelry stores that will have something to cater to your needs. Now go forth and procure comfortable, amazing jewelry for the special plus size babe in your life.

Images: Courtesy Brands