Regina Spektor Welcomes Baby Boy, Will She “Safety-Pin His Clothes All Cool?!"

I love a classy celebrity birth announcement, don't you? The latest tasteful birth announcement comes from Regina Spektor who welcomed a baby boy with her husband Jack Dishel. It's unclear what day the baby was born, but Spektor told fans about her new son on Tuesday. This happened to be April Fools' Day which is really just a horrible time to announce anything, but Spektor managed to pull it off nicely. She wrote on her Facebook page,

Hi everyone!I wanted to let you know that Jack and I have been happily hanging out with our new little son and that all is going great! Thank you for the tons of well wishes and good vibes- we wish them all right back at ya As you may have noticed, we're pretty private so we won't be posting any pictures or updates about him....but we can report that he's super CUTE!!!Lots of love,mama regi & papa jack (and lil dude too :))

Now this is how you tell the world about your baby. No pictures in Us Weekly. No tweets where your forced into using 140 characters or less — the moment that changes your life forever deserves more than 140 characters! And no TMI-ing. She doesn't give his birth date, his name, or any pictures, but she does let her fans know that he's healthy and cute. It's the perfect amount of information. We don't need to be all up in that baby's life!

ReginaSpektor on YouTube

Awesomely, Spektor's fans reacted using lyrics from her song "Folding Chair" in which she sings about having a baby boy. One fan wrote, "Hope y'all all fit nicely in that Silver Bullet trailer. Congrats!" Two others added, "So happy for you! I hope you safety pin his clothes all cool and graffiti up his toys!" and "You had a baby BOY-OY! (I'm guessing because your eyelashes catch your sweat)." That last one is a bit of a stretch, but the effort is appreciated.

Spektor also used Facebook to confirm her pregnancy back in January when she explained that it was the reason she wouldn't be attending the Grammys. It was just as classy as this birth announcement.

Congrats to Spektor, Dishel, and "lil dude!"