The 'Fist Fight' Trailer Shows Charlie Day & Ice Cube As Funny Rivals In A Hilarious Teacher Comedy — VIDEO

Who would win in an after school fist fight — rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day? Well, moviegoers about to find out in the new Warner Brothers comedy, Fist Fight, which is set to hit theaters Feb. 17, 2017. The new Fist Fight trailer dropped on Monday and, from it, you'll learn that for some people, high school never really ends — even for high school teachers. Fist Fight is a reminder that though they might have an affinity for using red pens to edit and also seem to enjoy writing on chalkboards, teachers are just people with ordinary fears and demands like the rest of us.

The story follows a gentle English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day), who is struggling to survive the last day of school before summer with all the pranks and budget cuts going around. It doesn't help that his super intimidating colleague Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) is totally after his mild-mannered blood. When Campbell "snitches" on Strickland to the administration, it ultimately leads to his colleague's termination and Stickland challenges Campbell to a good ole-fashioned fist fight set for the end of day. Because high school, the entire student body and staff find out about the Teacher Battle Royale and it's all anyone can talk about until the main event.

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While the characters are relatable and a reminder that even teachers have feelings, the amount of wackiness that goes down in the trailer is also not a part of your average secondary school experience. There's all sorts of sights to behold — including a horse running down a school hallway with Campbell attached by a string to its hoof, officers cuffing the teachers while they bend over a police car, and a hashtag someone managed to put up on the water tower during the school day that reads "#teacherfight."

Not only are the stars of the movie pretty exciting — you had me at Ice Cube and kept me hooked at Charlie Day — the co-stars are equally impressive. Tracy Morgan's back in his first movie role since his nearly fatal 2014 car accident, which is the kind of good news that brings a happy tear to one's eye. Other notable cast members include Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, and Jillian Bell from 22 Jump Street. The cast is awesome, the concept is hilarious, and a little high school-themed nostalgia never hurt anybody.

Unfortunately, moviegoers will have to wait until Feb. 17 to find out who the victor of this #teacherfight will be.

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