The 2017 Grammys Didn’t Snub One Direction, No Matter How Upset Fans Seem To Be On Twitter

It's been a long, cold, lonely year without One Direction since the release of their final album as a band (possibly ever), Made In The A.M. And unfortunately, this week, fans who were hoping that the album would receive some recognition had to face yet another disappointment. On Tuesday morning, the 2017 Grammy nominations were announced, and unfortunately, the band was missing from the list. Immediately, Twitter exploded with angry 1D-related tweets, and as a huge fan of the guys myself, I'm a little bummed out too. But contrary to popular belief, the fact that they didn't snag a nomination doesn't mean anything. In fact, the Grammys didn't snub One Direction, even though it would have been awesome to see them on the nom list.

Since Made In The A.M. was released in November 2015, it was definitely eligible to be nominated, and it's not clear whether or not it was submitted for consideration (this year's eligibility period was October 1, 2015 — September 30, 2016). However, as heartbreaking as this next sentence is, it's 100 percent true: One Direction isn't really a band anymore. They've been on hiatus for over a year, and both Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have gone on to kickstart their solo careers. Anything is possible, and they could find their way back to each other in the future, but for now, they seem to be done, so it makes sense that they didn't get any nominations.


Besides, 2016 was such an awesome year for music, and with so few nominees in each category, it's easy to see how One Direction was edged out. Between Beyoncé's Lemonade, Adele's 25, and new releases from Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West, a lot of amazing artists have been honored by the Recording Academy. As much as I truly loved One Direction's most recent album, how could it have competed with Adele? How could anyone compete with Adele?

But if you're heartbroken you won't be seeing them on the Grammys stage, you're not alone. I miss them, too — especially Harry Styles, because you can't not miss that face. There's always that chance that the boys will come back to us someday... if only in our dreams.