How Much Is Glossier’s Black Tie Set Lip Gloss? You Can Finally Buy This Product By Itself

If you’ve peeked inside the Black Tie Set from Glossier, then you’ve likely been convinced to purchase the entire thing. I mean, it’s hard to say no to products this incredible that have been bundled together and tied up all pretty-like with a bow. But, if for some reason you’re interested in buying just one item from the set, Glossier’s now made that possible, too. How much is Glossier’s Black Tie Set Lip Gloss? Get ready to have the shiniest lips ever all holiday season long!

The Black Tie Set contains some incredible first-ever products from the brand. There’s a black eye liner, a Moonstone highlight shade, an on-brand pink polish and last, but certainly not least a clear gloss that will have your pout ready for the fanciest of affairs. You can shop the entire set for $50, and previously that was the only way to get your hands on these goodies.

But, your wish is Glossier’s command, apparently. According to the company's Instagram, they’ve made these items available to shop separately all because that’s what the fans wanted to see. So, you can now shop the lip gloss (and everything else inside of the Black Tie box) individually. The lippie will cost you $14, so go ahead and snag one for you and all of your friends this season. Gifting made easy, courtesy of Glossier!

These products will make your holiday season so much better.

Because who doesn't love an extra dose of Glossier in their makeup routine?

Lip Gloss, $14, Glossier

Make sure you shine wherever you go with this high-shine, non-sticky formula on-hand.

Haloscope Highlight in Moonstone, $22, Glossier

The gloss isn't the only item you can shop from the set. Pair this highlighter with your gloss purchase to shine like the star you are.

Black Tie Set, $50, Glossier

Shopping each item individually will cost you $64, so you're saving some cash when you buy the bundle. Whether you grab just a couple of these or purchase the entire set, there's no wrong way to add these items to your makeup collection.

Images: Courtesy Glossier (4)