23 Creative Best Friend Gift Ideas For 2016

When it comes to holiday shopping for the people you know, it gets harder and harder every year to come up with unique and thoughtful presents that aren't totally lame, totally useless, or totally over done. This season, when it comes time to pick out presents for the people that matter most in your life, make sure you go with a creative best friend gift ideas, because you're too old to exchange BFF bracelets... or are you?

Chances are, you've been shopping for your best friend for years now. Every holiday, birthday, and friend-versary (you know, if you're a Leslie Knope type), you go out of your way to pick out something special and thoughtful for the person who has had your back all this time. You want to give them something that really shows how much you appreciate their support, how much you value their friendship, and how much you understand them as a person. Unfortunately, gift cards, soap sets, and tube socks rarely do the trick.

That's why this year, when it comes time to find the perfect present for your work wife, childhood pal, or life-long BFF, you're going to want to think outside of the Bath & Bodyworks box and go with one of these 23 creative best friend gift ideas instead. Trust me, there's something out there for every friend, if you know where to look.

1. Acrylic State Pendant

A beautiful and thoughtful gift to commemorate where your friendship started, this acrylic state pendant will help your BFF keep home close to their heart. Available in every state and a variety of colors, this unique pendant can even be customized to mark a specific location in the state that is special to the wearer.

Acrylic State Pendant, $48, Baublebar

2. Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book by Sasha O'Hara

After the year we all just had, everyone, including your best friend, could all use a little humor, distraction, and calm. Luckily, this coloring book has all of those things in one complete package. A fun activity book featuring complex patterns and sassy one-liners like "Suck it up buttercup," this is a creative way to give the gift of coloring and relaxation this stressful holiday season.

C alm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book by Sasha O'Hara, $7.13, Amazon

3. Bear the Pom Hat

Winter is here, which means you and your best friend will have to weather the cold outdoors if you actually want to see each other this season. Make it easier on your BFF by giving her a fun and creative hat that will not only keep her warm, but will keep her looking cool.

Bear the Pom Hat, $25, Nasty Gal

4. Junk Food Nail Decals

Looking for a little something extra to stuff in your BFF's holiday card? These adorable junk food nail decals, featuring images of tacos, Sriracha, pizza, and more, are the creative extra touch your gift is looking for.

Junk Food Nail Decals, $8, Gypsy Warrior

5. Hanging Air Plant

Not everyone has a green thumb, but just about everyone can keep an air plant alive — yes, even your cactus-killing best friend. Give them a chance at nurturing with this beautiful, rustic home decor item that works indoors our outside.

Hanging Air Plant, $9.90, Amazon

6. Maddy & Maize Small Batch Gourmet Popcorn

If you and your bestie more likely found on the couch with junk food and Netflix than at the club with a gin and tonic, this is the perfect gift for your next night in. Small batch gourmet popcorn, all-natural and GMO-free, that comes in unique flavors like birthday cake and bourbon barbecue, Maddy & Maize is a delicious present, for your BFF and for you (that is, if they can share). Make sure to order fast, because supply is limited!

Maddy & Maize Small Batch Gourmet Popcorn, $6-25, Maddy & Maize

7. Motivational Water Bottle

Is your BFF the kind of friend who doubles as your gym buddy? Give them a funny gift they will actually use: a water bottle with a funny inscription that could totally be true.

Motivational Water Bottle, $19, Etsy

8. Graphic Tank Top

Has a BFF quote ever been so appropriate or hilarious? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Graphic Tank Top, $19.99, Look Human

9. Best Friend Flask

For the Thelma to your Louise, the Rachel to your Monica, the Ilana to your Abbi, this Drunk and Disorderly flask makes the perfect funny gift. Not only will they find it hilarious, but you know they're going to use it.

Best Friend Flask, $19.99, Etsy

10. White Deer Holder & Antler Candle

I know what you're thinking: candles are such a lame gift usually reserved for Yankee swaps and great aunts you don't know very well. This one, though, changes the game. A fun and totally unique scented animal-themed candle that looks like it cries as it melts, its just the right balance of creepy and cool for the weird BFF in your life.

White Deer Holder & Antler Candle, $14, The Jacks

11. Snack the World Subscription Box

Nowadays, there's a subscription box for everything from makeup and accessories to books and beer, but there's a particularly unique one perfect for adventurous eaters and world travelers: the Snack the World box by Try the World. A monthly subscription you can send directly to your friend's front door, the Snack the World box features gourmet snacks and artisan-made products from all over the globe. A thoughtful gift for the friend in your life who would rather be on a plane to a new country rather than a train to work, this box can give them a taste of what they're missing.

Snack the World Subscription Box, $19+, Try the World

12. Black Bombay Cat Purse

Is your best friend a cat lady in the making? Do you talk about growing hold and raising kittens together? This black cat-shaped purse is a great gift for the bestie whose other bestie is covered in fur.

Black Bombay Cat Purse, $34, Meowingtons

13. Princess Mano Sunnies

Since your glamorous BFF is the closest thing you know to royalty, give her a gift fit for a princess. These black cat eye sunglasses are cute enough on their own, but the rhinestone embellishments make them a creative accessory your regal bestie will love.

Princess Mano Sunnies, $32, Gypsy Warrior

14. Bijou iPhone Case

Because you're usually the person on the other end of the line, make phone calls easier, more comfortable, and more glamorous for the best friend who never fails to pick up. This Bijou iPhone case, with its iridescent shell and rhinestone detail, comes with a handle, so your bestie has something to hold on to the next time you need to talk her ear off.

Skinnydip london Bijou iPhone Case, $30, Nasty Gal

15. Quote Mug

Do you and your BFF like to vent and rage over a cup of hot coffee? Then this mug, featuring the perfect quote for two friends who hate the world the same amount, is just right.

Quote Mug, $13.97+, Etsy

16. The Oregon Trail Card Game

Travel back in time with this classic computer-turned-card game that is just as hard to survive as the original. Fun and nostalgic, this nerdy gift is perfect for your pal who wishes they were still a kid, playing games on mom's computer in the basement. Don't we all?

The Oregon Trail Card Game, $14.95, Amazon

17. Graham Cracker Scented Candle

Candles come in all shapes, sizes, and scents, but few come with as much sass as this one. If you're best friend is the kind of girl who orders out and uses her oven for storage, then this creative scented candle is right up her alley.

Graham Cracker Scented Candle, $24, Jac Vanek

18. Tacos Christmas Sweater

'Tis the season for... tacos? For your best friend, who eats nothing but, this is the perfect holiday sweatshirt. Creative and comfy, it gifts don't get much better than this

All I Want for Christmas is Tacos Crewneck, $26, Nylon

19. Bulbasaur Planter

The perfect combination of practicality, cuteness, and nostalgia, this Pokemon-themed planter is the ideal present for the succulent-loving best friend in your life. Adorable and trendy, these will help add a fun and personal touch to your BFF's home or office.

Bulbasaur Planter, $39+, Etsy

20. Cheese Dad Cap

Is your best friend gluttonous for gouda, smitten with swiss, beholden to brie? If this cheese dad cap speaks to her, you know what you have to do: buy you both matching ones, and spend a night drinking wine and pigging out on cheese together for the holidays, duh!

Cheese Dad Cap, $34, Jac Vanek

21. Reality Show Notebook

You and your best friend already talk about how amazing a reality show about your lives would be, so it's about time you started planning it. Or, at least give your BFF a cute and fun notebook to start jotting down her own ideas. Either way, this is a creative gift she will not only use, but love.

Reality Show Notebook, $24, Jac Vanek

22. Pillow Case Set

For the friend who never says no to a night out, help them sleep a little better — that is, whenever they do get around to sleeping. Rest assured, this pillow case set is a creative and useful gift you know your best friend will enjoy.

Pillow Case Set, $32, Gypsy Warrior

23. Heart is in the Pyrite Place Headphones

Whether she wears them to the gym, in the office, or at home in bed, these blinged out rose gold headphones will make your best friend look cool, no matter what she's listening to. A creative and useful gift, this present is part tech part accessory and all cool.

Skinnydip London Heart is in the Pyrite Place Headphones, $60, Nasty Gal

Image: Etsy