"You Can't Stop The Beat" In 'Hairspray Live!' Was The Show-Stopper It Deserved To Be

It's not difficult to see why "You Can't Stop The Beat" is Hairspray Live!' is one of the show's best numbers. Unlike other songs that got cut from previous versions of Hairspray, "You Can't Stop The Beat" was left in not only because it's a heck of a show-stopper, but because it drives homes Hairspray's message of unity through diversity, acceptance of one another's differences, and the choice to remain positive in the face of hardship. The song was previewed during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where the cast (led by newcomer Maddie Baillio as Tracy) were able to give us a small taste of the magic that happened on Wednesday night. The performance was, in a word, divine.

What made "You Can't Stop The Beat" such an exciting closing song was mostly down to the energy of the cast. It's not tough to imagine how tired they must have been after going through an entire live performance, so the energy they put into the song was literally on another level of greatness. Whether it was Maddie Baillio as Tracy doing the jive with Link, played by Garrett Clayton, or Ariana Grande as Penny Pingleton belting it out with her signature pipes, "You Can't Stop The Beat" was absolutely the big musical number I had hoped it would be.

"You Can't Stop The Beat" was so full of color, excitement, and perfect Hairspray vibes that it was hard not to smile as the cast really gave the song their all. I mean, the Von Tussles were shaking their fanny muscles, Tracy and Link were making out, Tracy got awarded a scholarship, and Edna popped out of a massive hairspray can. What's not to love? I can guarantee you that I'll be tapping my toes just thinking about this performance in the coming days because this beat definitely won't stop for me.

Images: Brian Bowen Smith/NBC