Uncle Joey's Wife & Kids Appear In 'Fuller House' & The Actors Who Play Them Are Seriously Talented

The Tanner family is back again with Fuller House Season 2 and this year fans like myself get to meet some people I never thought I'd meet: Uncle Joey’s wife and kids. To be honest, I never thought anyone would marry a dude who carries a puppet around and hasn’t matured past high school, but to each his own. Fans got to meet Ginger Gladstone and co. in the Thanksgiving episode, and viewers should all be slow clapping for him because the actor portraying his beau, Laura Bell Bundy, is so out of his league. On the show, she's perfectly suited for Joey, and so are his kids. They're one big family of performers who all love saying, "Cut. It. Out," so Joey's pretty much living his dream life.

The kids are played by actors Noah Salsbury Lipson (who's done mostly commercial work), Finn Carr (he's guested on shows like Criminal Minds and Hot In Cleaveland), Ruby Rose Turner (she's been on black-ish), and Kingston Foster. The latter child definitely stole the show in her brief appearance as a deceptively adorable troublemaker. Foster's appeared in everything from Days of Our Lives to Criminal Minds, and her talented portrayal of Joey's daughter should catch the industry's eye. But, the kids aren't the only taleneted members of Joey's fam. His wife Ginger has her own mega resumé.

You may be thinking, "I recognize that actor from somewhere," and you would be right. Laura Bell Bundy's been in tons and tons of stuff. Besides her big acting gigs, which I will get to in a second, she’s guest starred on shows like Home Improvement, Veronica Mars, Cold Case, Royal Pains and Angie Tribeca. She’s also been in a couple of those Christmas TV movies your mom has on repeat around the holidays. You know what I’m talking about. Bundy is a fantastic performer, and you’re bound to have seen her past work.


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She is probably known best for being the original Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray on Broadway. Didn’t know that? Now you’re probably realizing that she was beyond perfect for the role. She was also the original Elle Woods in the musical version of Legally Blonde. She was also an understudy for Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked.

Scream Queens

Yes, she's in the current season of Scream Queens, but not in a major role. Think back to those '80s Halloween parties they've been flashing to all season. That's right, she plays Nurse Thomas, one of the staff that dumps the Green Meanie in the swamp in the premiere.

Hart Of Dixie

Bundy was meant to have a two-episode stint on Hart of Dixie, but she ended up on the series for 24 episodes. She played Shelby, an initial love interest for Scott Porter’s character George. After extending her time on the show, she had a relationship with Brick Breeland.


You all remember Sarah from Jumanji, right? She runs out of the house in the beginning leaving Robin Williams trapped in the game all those years. The whole movie is basically her fault and Bundy plays young Sarah. She eventually grows up into Bonnie Hunt.

How I Met Your Mother

Oh, Becky. Bundy played Robin’s co-anchor on “Come on, Get Up New York” in Season 6. The whole plot with Becky was that she acted like a child and even talked like one sometimes. She dates Ted for a very short time and did that obnoxious “Boats! Boats! Boats!” commercial. Later in the series she’s engaged to The Captain.

Guiding Light

I don’t know much about soap operas, but Bundy was one of six actresses to portray Marah Shayne Lewis in Guiding Light.

Anger Management

Bundy appeared alongside Charlie Sheen as Dr. Jordan Denby in Anger Management. She was cast to replace Selma Blair, who exited the show because of drama with Charlie Sheen.

Good luck with the Tanner family, Laura. Once you’re in, you never get out.

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