A 'Spider-Man' Teaser Has Swung Into Our Lives

by S. Atkinson

Do you like Marvel? Do you care about Spider-Man? Are you a close follower of the art form that is the mini-teaser? Then get excited, because the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser is... well, it's very short. Honestly? I feel like I've enjoyed longer sneezes than this trailer. Still, its brevity is only exceeded by its mystery, with the teaser leaving me with more questions than answers: so what does the Spiderman: Homecoming teaser tell us? But first, let's start with what we already know.

Spider-Man already made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War, but this marks his first MCU solo movie, which is all kinds of significant. (The last two Spiderman franchises were both with Sony working alone, while this marks a collaboration between Marvel and Sony). However, the ensemble movie provides a bit of important background: when we encountered Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War , he mentioned he'd already had his powers for six months, which suggests Marvel is skipping over the origin story.

If you've already seen Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, you'll have noticed how young this Spider-Man is. According to footage shown from the film at San Diego Comic Con, it looks like a fair chunk of the first film will be set at high school. But what else do we learn from the trailer?

Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan Will Be Starring

You've heard the rumors, now you know it's true: just as Favreau told Cinema Blend, Tony Stark's close friend and head of security really does appear to be there "looking after him. He needs someone to help him out." He seems annoyed to see Parker in his old pajama suit getup, probably because...

Tony Stark Has Gifted Parker "A Minor Upgrade"

While we don't get to see what's inside the briefcase, Hogan's reaction to Peter Parker's look suggests it's some important new apparel for Parker.

And His Gift Probably Looks Like This

We see that Stark's gift adds web wings to the usual red and blue look. According to comicbook.com, this is a nod to co-creator Steve Ditko's Spider-Man design in the superhero's earliest days in comic book form, when, throughout the '60s, his costume came complete with "underarm netting." This is significant: according to Newsarama, this is the first time web-wings have been included in a cinematic version of the character.

There's Some Significant Action In Washington D.C.

Blink and you'll miss it, but it looks like Spiderman's on the top of the Washington Monument. This is supported by the red stripes on the helicopter, which you may know is the emblem for the police in Washington D.C.

There'll Be Some Blair Witch-Esque Handhold Camera Action

Just thankfully not all movie long, because can you imagine how dizzying that would be to follow?

If you're all ready to learn more, even better news: the full version of the trailer debuts on Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so it won't be long until we're getting an even heartier helping of Spidey.

Images: Marvel (6); We Got This Covered/Youtube