Drake Tops iTunes' 2016 Best-Selling Lists To The Surprise Of Absolutely No One

If you are Drake, one of your many preoccupations must be how best to store your accolades. Does Drake have a trophy cupboard? Does Drake have several trophy cupboards? Does he even text his mom anymore every time something great happens? The very thought makes me concerned for his mother getting any sleep, ever. This is me trying to tell you that once again, something wonderful has happened to Aubrey Drake Graham. Drake topped iTunes 2016 year-end music lists, and I want this to be a surprising thing — but, honestly, it just isn't.

Drake swept the board when it came to iTunes, with his record Views being the year's best-selling album and his hit "One Dance" being the best-selling song of the year. But you could have called this, right? After all, he already topped Spotify's end-of-year streaming lists, taking home most streamed track (“One Dance”), most streamed album (Views), and world’s most streamed artist at a massive 4.7 billion streams per year. Your lack of surprise was only matched by that of Stefan Blom, Spotify’s Chief Content & Chief Strategy Officer, who, upon hearing the news, stated:

"With the top album and the top song this year, as well as his successful Summer Sixteen tour, Drake continues to engage his fans in a way that only Drake can; it’s no surprise he is dominating the music industry."
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But it isn't just unsurprising because Spotify called it first. It's unsurprising because Views is a work of art that I — and probably you, too — had on loop for most of this year. If you're one of the only people on this planet who hasn't yet listened to it, baby, you need to get on board. This record has it all.

If you're looking for iconic Drake, it's got you covered with "Hotline Bling." If you're looking for some serious sonic chemistry between Drake and one Robyn Fenty, then you should skip straight to the Rihanna/Drake duet on "Too Good" (which arguably anticipated Rihanna swerving that kiss at the VMAs). If you want some classic Drake passive-aggression, then "Childs Play" or "Keep The Family Close" are your go-to jams. Honestly, this album is just hit after hit. It was Christmas come way, way early for Drake fans.

So congratulations, Drake, but I can't say I'm surprised. With his hit-making prowess, the throne was his for the taking.