Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Relationship Is Private, Which Makes Her Subtle Shoutout All The Sweeter — PHOTO

The world was shocked when Prince Harry confirmed he was dating actor Meghan Markle by publishing a letter asking the press to cease its hounding of his new girlfriend. It was an impressive move from Harry and an unprecedented one for Kensington Palace, which proved that this was a very serious situation. While the couple has remained extremely private (and there have been no photos of the two together), Markle seems to have a sign of her relationship in a tiny necklace she was seen wearing, which shows that while she and Harry are not ready to be totally public, they are right on track. Plus, it's just so sweet!

As you can imagine, the weight of dating an actual prince could be enough to drive anyone mad, but Markle and Harry seem to have found the right way to handle all of the attention. The Suits actor has continued to film her show in Toronto, while Harry maintained his princely duties with a recent trip to the Caribbean. E! reported that following his Caribbean trip, Harry visited Markle in Toronto, and a source said, "They wanted their time together to be private." Later that day, on Dec. 6, Markle wore a necklace with tiny letter charms "H" and "M" across her neck. Yes, they are tiny, but in the days of zoom cameras, the detail was not overlooked.

While, yeah, technically "H" could stand for anything — like, hamburgers or Hawaii — since the necklace has her initial, as well, it probably stands for "Harry." OK, that's too cute.

E! confirms that the necklace is by Maya Brenner, a Los Angeles jewelry designer whose letter charm necklaces go for around $240 each. Not bad!

I also find it interesting that one of the first hints at their relationship was also in the form of a piece of jewelry. On Oct. 30, rumors surfaced that Markle was dating Harry and People noted that the couple had both been photographed wearing matching blue beaded bracelets.

From then on, the rumors spun out of control, but it was all confirmed when Harry eventually wrote about the relationship in his letter. It seems like the couple has to be so contained in what they share in public, that it's kind of adorable that they have tiny gestures they use to show that they're together.