Zendaya's Highlighter Is So Smart

Celebrities have all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to their beauty routines. Whether it's Kylie Jenner's tips on her website or makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic sharing client secrets, there's always a new hack to learn. Now, Zendaya is sharing her highlighter trick, thanks to the launch of her new app. It's no surprise that a makeup — or more specifically a highlighting tip — would be one of the first tricks we learn, though. Zendaya's highlighting game is fire.

How do fans know that Zendaya's got serious makeup skills? She's said in the past that she does her own makeup for red carpets. That means her fierce beat is all her own, so clearly, she's one of the best celebrities to take beauty tips from. Her highlighting tip? Aquaphor. Yes, the healing balm is her secret weapon to getting that insanely dewy and glowy highlight on those cheekbones.

According to the post, Zendaya uses Aquaphor as a base for the highlight. The star applies it on the area she wishes to highlight then applies her product over top. It's pretty genius, honestly. Plus, she also admits to loving the product as a whole. Not only does she use it to highlight, but she also talks about its benefits for her lips and skin as well.

If you want to get that Zendaya highlight, you'll need to snag some Aquaphor. The good news? It's incredibly affordable.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $13, Amazon

While there may be tons of great makeup tricks and tips to try online, none seem to be as popular as secrets that have to do with highlighter. After all, the glowing trend seems to be the buzzword of the moment in the makeup community. All you have to do is look to YouTube beauty gurus to see how highlighter is taking over the makeup world.

The incredible popularity of guru Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Glow collection is proof that makeup addicts love a good highlight, and to have a stunning, talented star like Zendaya dole out highlighter advice is bomb.


Highlight isn't the only thing that Zendaya uses Aquaphor for, though. For the rest of her beauty tips using Aquaphor, head over to her website. Get ready to get that glow.

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