This Is What Gigi Hadid Wants For Christmas

Gigi Hadid could have anything she wants for the holidays — literally. I mean, the girl has designed for Tommy Hilfiger and Stuart Weitzman, is a Victoria's Secret Angel, and now, has landed the job as the face of Reebok's latest athleisure collection and #PerfectNever campaign. (She also has a contract with Maybelline, so she's set in the makeup department.) But what does Gigi Hadid really want for Christmas? A handwritten note. At the launch event for Reebok's powerful new movement, I straight up asked her what she's giving and interested in getting this year and her answer basically elicited an "awww" from every writer in the room.

She's got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, but deep down she's a total softie who appreciates the thought and sweetness behind a good old-fashioned love letter.

"I don't always give a gift with it, but more than 100 people in the fashion industry will get a note from me every Christmas — editors, stylists, agents — all the people I work with. I really like writing notes. I never remember the gifts people give me, but I always remember the notes and I keep a lot of them. It's something that's special to me and that's why I do it for other people because I hope they feel the same way about that. That was a big thing with my mom when I was younger too. She'd say, 'Don't buy my a present, write me a note or draw me a picture' and that stuck with me. That's something that's really cool in a relationship, too. Don't get me a present, write me a love letter and I think that's cute."

Um, same. I would die to see some of the smitten kitten cards being exchanged between Gigi and Zayn. And since she's only got a few weeks left to pen that huge stack to her friends and family, I thought I'd help a girl out and suggest some pretty stationary to support the cause.

1. Kate Spade Season's Greetings Holiday Card Set

$25, katespade.com

You don't have to go the traditional red and green route to be festive.

2. Kiss Field Bag Note Cards

$20, cafepress.com

There's nothing more personal than sending a smooch.

3. Compliment Greeting Card Set

$12, bando.com

Gigi — we found you the best cards on the Internetz.

As for G's other besties, Bella, Kendall, Taylor, and about 50 more famous friends, she says: "I love shopping for gifts for them. I don't always plan on what I want, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about it and I'll go to one vintage store and look around and find the right thing once I see it. I like one-of-a-kind gifts that are kind of a joke that they'll like and remember."

So, basically the best BFF ever pretty much. We have a feeling she's also got enough Reebok and VS swag to go around this holiday. Considering this strappy sports bra is still in her top-liked Instas of the year, we wouldn't mind getting a few in different colors from her:

Or, you can never go grow with some sexy lingerie. After all, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings:

Happy holidays from me —and Gigi, too!