You Missed This Cameo In The 'Spider-Man' Trailer

We've had a lot of Spider-Man movies over the past 15 years, and, subsequently, it seemed like it would be hard to get psyched about the newest flick about the web-slinger. Plot twist: the official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is out, and it looks good. And it might even be able to throw a few more surprises our way, as there's definitely something in the new Spider-Man trailer that you may have missed the first time around.

It occurs around the 41 second mark, when Peter and his bestie Ned are ogling the obviously popular Liz and her brand new shirt... or is it a skirt? Anyway, the trailer provides us with the standard Hot Girl Walking In Slow Motion Scene, one where we're clearly supposed to get a sense of this chick. But, if your eyes stray for a second to the chick in the middle of the frame, someone far more interesting seems to be there. Wait a minute, is that Gwen Stacy?

Just look to all the telltale signs. You have the slightly schoolgirl-ish plaid outfit. You have the blonde hair held back with a black headband. I don't know, I'm pretty sure that automatically reads as Peter Parker's first love.

Now, you may be saying that "Hey, Mary Grace, I feel like you're looking just a wee bit into it. Don't you think it's possible for other blonde, head-band wearing girlfriends to exist in this school?" Look, fam, if we were living in the Gossip Girl-obsessed times of 10 years ago, I would chalk this chick up to being some sort of Constance Billiard fanatic in an instant. Headbands and dressing like you're in prep school, however, are really not super in vogue at the time, and so I can't help but think that it's the accessory is a dead giveaway that she's our girl.

The only suspect thing is that Gwen Stacy's presence hasn't been confirmed for this particular film. Peter's love interest points to Flash Gordon's girlfriend, the aforementioned Liz Allan. However, now that Marvel has it's hands back on the Spider-Man franchise, it's totally plausible that they'll release a new Spider-Man trilogy, minimum. If such is the case, each film could formally introduce a new love interest. Since this could-be Gwen is sort of sitting this particular installment out, that would mean she would come to the forefront in the sequel. 'Till then, I would stay clear of any heights, chica.

Oof. Too soon.

Anyway, regardless of who ends up Peter's Parker's actual crush, Millennial Spider-Man (or more Millennial Spider-Man compared to Andrew Garfield's take) looks like he could be a snarky bit of fun.

See what I mean?

Images: JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube (2); Giphy