How Much Is The Kylie Shop Merch? The Price Range Varies

The wait is finally over. After teasing her fans for weeks now, Kylie Jenner finally shared her Kylie Shop pricing on her website. The info on every single one of her 29 items is all laid out, so you can plan your shopping accordingly. How much is the Kylie Shop merch, you ask? The price range varies from affordable to high-end.

You never really know what Jenner will do next. First she started her Kylie Cosmetics line. Then she launched her very own pop-up store. Now she's tackling clothing in the most Jenner way possible. The 19-year-old launched a store where every single items has either her face or her brand on it. No one knew what the prices would be like, and there was no use guessing either. Thankfully, he prices are finally here and they're a bit, well, broad.

The entire line ranges from $15 to $200. Not the most consistent, but I would expect nothing less from Jenner. The most affordable are her iPhone cases and Arthur George socks. They both ring in at $15 each. You have four different case options ranging from Lip Kit logos to the "Kylie Jenner Lips" slogan, but only one choice of socks.

On the more high-end side is a Lip Kit bomber jacket. It's the most expensive item in the line, costing $200. The price is a little steep, if you ask me, but I have no doubt that people will still buy it. The other items are a little more inexpensive. They stick between the $35 t-shirt to $70 sweatshirt range.

There is one downfall to the online shop though. According to Jenner's website, you'll only be allowed to purchase five items at a time. This is so that everyone has a chance to snag their favorite gear. So as disappointed as you might be, this is actually for the better.

Odds are these trendy items will sell out fast. There's no word on whether or not the store will be restocked before the holidays, so you should probably just start shopping as soon as you can.

Images: thekylieshop/Instagram (1)