Here's How Too Faced Suggests Shopping Sweet Peach

There's a shopping frenzy and a #ByeMoney moment in your future. If you are a Too Faced fanatic and stoked about the launch of the entire Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection, which joins the best-selling Sweet Peach palette, you're already aware that the collection goes on sale on Wednesday, Dec. 14. It will likely sell out, because Too Faced and Jerrod Blandino have been teasing Sweet Peach forevs and because Too Facers have fallen deeply in love with the peach shades and scent. If you are already in a peach panic and fear being shut out from shopping due to the mania surrounding this range, which includes a large Papa Don't Peach blush, a Sweet Peach glow, the return of the palette, and more, relax. Too Faced has offered some Sweet Peach shopping secrets and tips to assist in beating the rush.

In addition to my usual suggestions, like shutting out all other distractions if able, of opening a single browser to the Too Faced site so you can get in and get out efficiently, having your credit card at hand, and of creating a Too Faced account in advance so all of your shopping and shipping information is stored, here are some additional hints from the brand itself.

You should also subscribe to the Too Faced mailing list and follow the brand on social media so that you can stay informed about all aspects of the peachy products.

Here's what to expect when shopping the Too Face site so you understand what's happening and so you don't hit "refresh" or inadvertently lose your place in line.

If the Too Faced site is overloaded with customers, a splash page will appear on your screen, letting you know are digitally in line. So don't leave!

When shopping, you can see your estimated wait time, how many shoppers are ahead of you, enter your email address to be notified when it's your turn.

These extra tips should help you successfully navigate your peach passion!

Images: Too Faced/Instagram (3)