What Your After-Prom Party Says About You

The after-prom party is where the real fun happens. The expectations of what prom is supposed to be like are long gone and you can enjoy hanging out with your friends without stressing over where you're taking pre-prom photos or the fact that someone is wearing the same dress as you. How you celebrated post-prom says just as much about your personality as what clique you were in. Whether you spent the night getting wasted with your friends or fast-asleep in your own bed, we have the breakdown of what your high-school after-prom plans say about who you really are.

1. House Party

You're the life of the party and love being the center of attention. You were in the popular crowd and spent the night with at least 50 of your closest friends. Chances are someone's brother/sister/uncle/cousin/creepy neighbor bought the group a ton of beer for the occasion, and the night resulted in dozens of red solo cup pictures on Facebook. You happily posted the pictures or tagged yourself in every single one of them because you wanted everyone to know how cool you were.

2. Beach House Party

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You enjoy the finer things in life. Even as a young teenager you were drawn to expensive things and didn't mind dropping the extra bucks to bring your house party to a more appealing location. You love shopping at J. Crew and spend your summers on Cape Cod or in the Hamptons enjoying yours or a friend's boat. Who wants to be drunk in a basement when you can sipping beers on the beach anyway?

3. Backyard Camp Out

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You're a laid-back, go-with-the-flow type. You weren't necessarily a popular kid, but you had a tight group of friends that liked to have fun. There's no doubt you're from the suburbs and gladly embrace the wide open spaces that are available to you to have a great night with your friends sans parents. You filled your best friend's backyard with tents and lit a giant bonfire. Whether there was alcohol present or not, you had a great night laughing and goofing off, just like almost every other weekend during high school.

4. School Sponsored Event

You play by the rules. You were a teacher's pet, a member of student government, and you most likely planned the event. Instead of partying with friends on the weekends, you stayed after school chumming it up with the principal and working on an extra-credit project with your biology teacher. But guess what? You went on to a top college, landed a steady job, and now make more than most of your graduating class. You'll be rocking it at the five year reunion, for sure.

5. Date Night

You're a relationship girl. You skipped the conventional parties and went to a movie or out for a late-night snack with your date. You've often put your relationship ahead of your friends — but at prom, you were living it up with your girlfriends because you know you'll need them as bridesmaids someday.

6. At Home

You don't follow the crowd, you do what you want and don't care what others think of you. You were either over the whole prom thing or just so exhausted from the whole night that you went home and passed out. A night in binge-watching your latest obsession on Netflix sounds like the perfect Friday night to you. FOMO is not a word in your vernacular. Just keep doing you.