OFRA's Blissful Holiday Highlighter Is Back

You can still "sleigh" all day and all night this holiday season. OFRA launched the Blissful highlighter as part of its "Sleigh the Holiday" gift set, which included the classic red Atlantic City liquid lipstick, the previously discontinued and insanely popular Versailles liquid lipstick, Vitamin C Cream, Universal Eyebrow Pencil, and OFRA Pencil Sharpener. Blissful is the crown jewel of the set, thanks to the golden x champagne color and the pinwheel shape of the product. The shade is gorge and ensures that you will get your glow on this holiday season and beyond. You can sweep this highlighter on your face, your shoulders, your décolletage, and wherever else you want a little shimmer... provided you snagged one! So, is OFRA restocking the limited edition Blissful highlighter?

Yes! The Blissful highlighter will be back on sale on Tuesday, Dec. 13, all you glow seekers. The brand admitted it was responding to popular demand by resurrecting this highlighter. The thrilled Insta comments certainly prove that this product was a hit upon launch.

According to an OFRA tweet, the Blissful highlighter will be available at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT.

Bustle reached out to OFRA reps to inquire about whether this will be the sole restock, if Blissful is available on its own or as part of a replenishment of the holiday set, and if its status might be upgraded to permanent addition.

UPDATE: OFRA PR reps confirmed that Blissful is launching on its own due to high customer demand. It costs $35 but Bustle readers can enter the 30 percent off "Bustle" code during checkout, which brings the price down to around $24. Blissful is now a permanent product.

Don't these highlighter pans look like shimmery cookies on a baking sheet? Deeeeeeelish!

It's here to stay! The voices of OFRA fans and customers have been heard.

Blissful arrives for the holidays and will stick around.

You can use it for all your holiday parties, events, soirees, and beyond. It will take a minute to hit pan. Therefore, you can use this beauty to get a glow and to get you through those harsh winter months, when skin can look dull, sallow, and just meh.

This sampling of Insta comments demonstrates how much love the OFRA faithful had/have for Blissful.

Images: Courtesy of OFRA Cosmetics (2); OFRA Cosmetics/Instagram (2)