There's A Brand New Way To Use Tinder

In case you thought that the holidays couldn't get any more awkward, Tinder on Apple TV launches today. That's right, you can play with Tinder on the big screen — with everyone watching. On the one hand, it's a natural next step. I mean, Tinder is part dating app and part game that you play with your friends, where you get to be gods. Judgmental, judgmental gods.

"Tinder for Apple TV was created to make swiping a more interactive, inclusive experience," a Tinder spokesperson tells Bustle. "We encourage Tinder users to get friends and family involved while they’re looking for matches, especially over the holidays. Since its launch, friends have been swiping for each other on Tinder. Tinder on Apple TV represents the next step in that evolution, and we’re using Apple’s latest, swipeable remote technology to its full potential to make swiping on Tinder an activity groups of friends can share. We are always thinking of creative ways to innovate on the Tinder experience. Earlier this year, we brought swiping to iMessage with Tinder Stacks so that users can swipe on everything with their friends."

And they're totally right. But the other part of using it on a TV screen means that everyone who's around can see and input. And I'm not just talking friends, I'm talking your family. Now Tinder has already prepped for that, as you can see from their pretty hilarious ads showcasing how the whole family can get involved. And they will. Oh god, they will.

Check Out Dad Lurking In The Background

Yeah, sure. You and your friends are just swiping away and enjoying some post-holiday dinner Tindering. But who's that by the computer? Yup, that's Dad. And you bet he'll have something to add. Bad boys with tattoos and leather jackets will be getting swiped left before you know it.

Or You Might Get Mom AND Dad

Oh god. Two against one. I don't know what's worse, having both parents trying to control your Tinder choices or listening to them debate and getting a way, way too intimate use at both of their, erm... sexual preferences. Yikes.

...Or Grandma

In their video, Grandma has her own Tinder account, which would be effing badass, but let's be honest— that's probably not how this is going to go down in real life. The reality? Listening to your grandma make "Mmmhmmm" noises or catcall photos of young people on the screen is just going to be awkward. It's going to be so, so awkward.

I joke, but I actually think playing with Tinder on the big screen could be a lot of fun. Hell, you could even turn it into a pretty hilarious drinking game. Just make sure you don't read Grandma's messages.

Images: Monkey Business/Fotolia; Tinder/ YouTube