'Rogue One's Jyn Erso Isn't From Just One Planet

As the Star Wars universe continues to grow, stories become more and more mysterious. In The Force Awakens, neither Finn nor Rey knew their parents or their history, and that's kind of the point. So, there's a lot we don't know about the new Star Wars movies and their characters. However, unlike Rey, the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story protagonist, Jyn Erso, knows exactly where she comes from. And, despite the fact that Jyn's background isn't fleshed out in detail in the film, so do we. Now, there's a lot we don't know about Jyn and Rogue One, but if you're wondering what planet Jyn Erso is from, strap in, because this is something that's actually stated as a fact.

Prior to the release of Rogue One , the Star Wars powers that be blessed us with Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel, a prequel book, if you will. Catalyst sets up Rogue One by focusing on the origin story of Galen Erso, Jyn's father, and his involvement with Rogue One villain Director Krennic and the creation of the Death Star. Jyn might not be the main character in Catalyst, but fans can learn a lot about her history through her father's story, like, for example, where exactly Jyn Erso is from. The answer, it turns out, is pretty complicated.

Jyn didn't really have the most stable childhood. Jyn was born on Valltt, an independent world where Galen and his wife, Lyra, took refuge during the Clone Wars. Galen, a scientist sought after by both the Republic and the Separatists (and later the Empire), was actually imprisoned on Valltt at the time of Jyn's birth because he refused to take part in the war. According to Den of Geek, the Erso family were then moved to Coruscant, the capitol planet of the Republic and the Empire, where Galen was manipulated into working on the Death Star. But, when he realized that his work was being used to build a massive, star-destroying weapon, Galen and his family escaped with the help of Saw Gerrera, a rebel leader also featured in Rogue One. After Coruscant, Jyn lived with her parents on Lah'mu, the lush planet briefly spotted in the trailers for Rogue One.

Sadly, the Ersos weren't able to live on Lah'mu in peace for long. As a previously released Rogue One clip shows, Krennic went to Lah'mu to take Galen back to work for the Empire, leaving young Jyn on her own. Thanks to those heartbreaking circumstances, she ends up being very much a citizen of the galaxy, something that will no doubt come in handy in Rogue One.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy