'Game of Thrones' Gets an Amazing '80s Sitcom Intro That You Have to See — VIDEO

Think things are a tad too grim in Westeros? Then you must must must MUST check out this video that depicts HBO's gory drama Game of Thrones as an '80s sitcom. Not only is it laugh-out-loud (and by that I mean laugh-track-out-loud) funny, it's 80's STYLE. What better way for winter to come?!

Today's Internet piece de resistance is brought to you by the ingenious Paul Garrison Dean for io9.com. Dean has also given us the brilliant rendition of Firefly 's credits, also in the cheesy, gloriously nostalgic style of the '80s.

It's titled "The Game of Thrones," and it introduces us to the fantastical land of Westeros, which is a place where people, ya know, gather together to have some family friendly fun times to find out who the new King will be! Woohoo! Loras Tyrell's moment on horseback is particularly charming and '80s. It's the hair, really.

The Lannisters, Starks, and Tyrells could easily be the Bunkers in All In The Family with this opening credits sequence — but the best part is the end, when Emilia Clark is mentioned as "The Dragon Queen," and Peter Dinklage — featured last, of course — stars as "The Imp." Be sure to watch after the credits culminate for the laugh track moment with Jaime Lannister (played by "Nick Waldo" —you'll know what I mean after you watch it) and Ros. Prostitutes are funny in sitcoms! LOL!

With the emoji re-cap of Season 3, the hilarious Honest Trailer, and even the porno parody, the only question remaining is what can top this? (I KNOW! I KNOW! A MUSICAL GAME OF THRONES!) Oh, yeah — the actual show, which will have its fourth season hit HBO on April 6.

You can watch The Game of Thrones sitcom right over here:

Paul Garrison Dean on YouTube

Image: HBO