JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers' Comments About Babies & Their Wedding Show How Genuine They Are

A lot of people had doubts about Jordan Rodgers' sincerity when he was competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart during the last season of The Bachelorette. The couple has endured a lot of criticism for pretty much nothing other than speculation about someone's intentions. But since the show ended, JoJo and Jordan have continud to prove their relationship is strong and genuine, and most recently, they did it with talk about babies. Yes, you read that right. The engaged couple already has babies on the brain. I didn't expect that to come up in public conversation before the wedding, but I'm all for it.

In an interview with People, JoJo admitted, "I keep envisioning babies." But, don't worry Bachelor Nation, you don't have to get ready for yet another Bachelor baby any time soon. She added, "And I’m like, ‘Wait, JoJo, pump the brakes! Do this in the right order!’" (Here's hoping "the right order" involved a televised wedding.)

After hearing comments like this, maybe people will finally start to give the couple a break and just take them seriously. I get that reality TV love can be hard to believe, but they honestly do seem like a happy couple. Sure, I know a lot of terrible couples who look happy on social media, but considering that most of us don't actually know JoJo and Jordan, we should just err on the side of being supportive instead of scrutinizing their relationship because they met on reality TV, Jordan's brother is NFL player Aaron Rodgers, or for whatever other reason people reference to just excuse being haters.

I'm an avid member of Team JoJoJo. Who would have kids with someone just for fame? That is absolutely insane. So I am just hoping that the couple's recent baby talk convinces people that they are truly together.

As for their wedding plans, JoJo and Jordan didn't mention anything about it being on TV in this specific interview, but Jordan did say, "We’re still planning on next year. We’re just taking our time." And that is something I think is totally normal since they got engaged on the same day that they started exclusively dating. It's totally fair for them to take some time going forward and it makes the relationship even more "genuine" in my eyes.

And to everyone doubting their relationship, JoJo's taste in men, or whatever else, the reality star also mentioned, "We want to keep the promises we made to each other. I’ve never once doubted my decision.” To be honest, I feel like this couple is always going to be plagued with doubters until they have 10 grandchildren, but I believe in them and hopefully other people will start to come around