The Emison Moment In The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Trailer Hints This Shocking Theory May Actually Be True — VIDEO

The new Pretty Little Liars trailer for Season 7B has revealed plenty of exciting things, including a glimpse at the return of Wren Kingston. Over the course of its seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars has spawned a plethora of fan theories. As we near the final episodes ever, fans are wondering if they're going to get all of the answers they need. With so many ships to root for, it's difficult to pick a team, but I've always hoped that Emison is endgame. So, does the Emison moment in the new PLL trailer hint that the shocking Emily pregnancy theory may be true after all?

As fans will remember vividly, in the midseason finale, it was revealed that Alison is pregnant. Following this revelation, fans immediately took to the internet to start debating the incredible, though not impossible, theory that Ali is pregnant with Emily's baby. Early on in Season 7, Emily's harvested eggs were stolen, making the theory more than a little possible — A.D. is capable of anything, after all. Creator I. Marlene King has only fueled the rumor. At a press conference in August 2016, when asked if Ali's pregnancy would be central to Season 7B, King told TV Guide, "Absolutely, for Ali and the rest of her friends — especially Emily." And now, thanks to the new Pretty Little Liars trailer, Emison fans have even more hope for an Emison baby.

As eagle-eyed fans have pointed out, one shot of Alison in the new trailer looks like it's set in a baby store. In the background behind Ali, it certainly looks as though Emily is there too, perhaps talking to a sales assistant. While this is not yet confirmed, the setting, when coupled with Alison's baby news, makes it appear as though Emison are shopping for baby clothes and toys together. Be still my beating heart.

Perhaps the most suggestive moment in the new trailer, though, is when Emily says the sentence, "How is this even possible?" While this is ambiguous and could refer to anything, it seems most likely that Emily may have just received the news that Alison's baby is an Emison baby. I certainly wouldn't put anything past A.D., including impregnating Alison with Emily's harvested eggs.

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While I'll have to wait until 2017 to find out for sure, the latest Pretty Little Liars trailer seems to point to an Emison baby on the horizon, and that's very good news for their shippers.

Image: Freeform/YouTube