The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Trailer Is Dramatic

2017 is fast approaching, and that's a great thing for fans of Pretty Little Liars . With only 10 episodes left before the show finishes for good, anticipation is pretty high, especially since the first half of Season 7 ended on so many huge cliffhangers. With Spencer shot, Toby in a fatal-looking car crash, and Ezra kissing his ex-girlfriend Nicole on live TV, it's safe to say that we all have a lot of questions that need answering when the series returns. And the new Pretty Little Liars Season 7B trailer contains just as many twists and turns as fans would expect.

From the return of the elusive Wren Kingston to the fate of Spencer revealed, Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars isn't going to hold back on the drama. Hopefully, the series will finally reveal who the mysterious AD is, as well as answer longstanding questions. For instance, who is Charlotte DiLaurentis' father? What else is there to know about the fact that Mary Drake and Spencer Hastings are related? While the short trailer can't possibly address the plethora of plot points that Pretty Little Liars is holding on to right now, it gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the final 10 episodes. Here are just some of the questions I have about the new Pretty Little Liars trailer.

1. Who Is Spencer Shouting At?

My guess is Mary Drake, but this literally could be anyone.

2. What Are The Liars Looking At & Where Is Aria?

Not only is Aria strangely missing from this gathering of the Liars, but they all appear to be looking at something intently. It almost feels as though they've walked into a funeral or memorial.

3. What Are Ezra & Aria Fighting About?

Ezra is talking about forgiveness, meaning it's likely that he's confessing his transgressions with Nicole. Could this mean trouble for the couple?

4. What Happened To Wren's Hair?

If you pause this clip in the exact right place, you'll see a shot of Wren Kingston, with a shaved head. Wren, what happened?

5. What's In The Box?

A gift from AD is rarely good news. So what's in the box?

6. What's Behind The Door?

This definitely looks like a sinister door.

7. Why Is Mary Drake Grabbing Spencer?

Mary is placing a gloved hand over Spencer's mouth to stop her from screaming. This doesn't seem good at all.

8. Who Is Aria On The Phone With?

It looks as though Aria has been caught in this moment and has been speaking to someone she shouldn't.

9. Who Has Caleb Seen?

He looks pensive.

10. Why Is This Phone On Fire?

It looks as though AD is making phones catch fire now. But why?

11. Why Is Caleb Grabbing Jenna's Cane?

It seems like pretty bad behavior to grab someone's walking guide. What is with Caleb?

12. Is Hanna Cutting Up A Body?

It certainly looks like Hanna is sawing through something.

13. What's In The Trunk?

What's in the trunk of the car, Aria? If her reaction is anything to go by, I'm guessing there's a body?

14. Who Is Wearing The Famous Black Hood?

It's time to find out who AD is.

15. Who Are Emily And Alison Running From?

Does Paige work at the school?

16. What's In The Locker?

Despite graduating from Rosewood High, it looks as though much of Season 7B takes place there.

17. Why Is Aria Holding A Knife?

She appears to be arming herself very quickly.

18. Who Is Spencer Hitting With A Rock?


19. Why Does Mona Look So Suspicious?

I have no idea whose team Mona is really on.

20. Where Is Spencer?

It looks as though Spencer has been caught somewhere she shouldn't be, hence why a torch is being pointed at her.

21. What Is Emily Saying Is Impossible?

Perhaps that Alison has been impregnated with Emily's stolen embryos?

22. Who Is Holding This Photo?

All of the Liars look so young in this photo. So what's the significance behind it?

23. What Is Alison Looking At?

It seems like she recognizes something.

Needless to say, Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars is going to be incredible, and the latest trailer has me even more excited about those final 10 episodes.

Images: Freeform/YouTube (24)