What's In Too Faced's Natural Love Palette? It's A Blockbuster — PHOTO

Too Faced is currently in the throes of its Sweet Peach Collection launch but that didn't stop the busy brand from teasing yet another palette. Brand founder and creative guru Jerrod Blandino teased the Too Faced Natural Love Palette again, this time allowing fans a glorious look under the hood of this collection. Previously, Blandino teased the outer packaging on his personal Instagram, which is his signature move, and that was it. Thankfully, he has opened Pandora's Box. What's in Too Faced's Natural Love palette?

It's a legit blockbuster, containing a whopping 30 (!!!) eyeshadow pans. There are mattes and shimmers in all sorts shades. The left side of the palette boasts soft pinks and neutrals. The two center rows of shades are jewel-tones and beyond. The two right columns boast darker hues, loaded with blacks and browns. Natural Love has the volume and the variety, in terms of colors, to establish itself as a "go to" and "only one you need" palette. It can easily take you from day to night, from the office or the classroom to the club.

Blandino even noted that this palette was created for fans of Too Faced's Natural Eyes palette, which is packed with effortlessly awesome neutrals, albeit on a smaller scale.

Behold Too Faced's Natural Love.

Wow, right? That's a lot of eyeshadow. Yet I look at these columns of colors and think "Endless possibilities and combos!" You can come up with a new and different eyeshadow look every day for weeks or months because of this breadth of colors in this collection.

ICYMI: This is the initial tease of the packaging, which Blandino posted a few weeks ago. Now that we've seen what's contained within, it was worth the wait, right?

Of course, Sweet Peach is the biggest thing happening with Too Faced right now. But that won't stop us from coveting the limited edition Natural Love, which drops for Summer 2017, per the hashtag.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2); Too Faced/Instagram (1)